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Revenue in the Сlothing Segment 2019—2025

The clothing segment revenue in 2022 is estimated at $566.23 billion. This segment includes children’s, luxury, men’s, women’s and other clothing. By 2025, clothing segment revenue will grow by 38% to reach $785.58 billion.

Sources: statista.com June 2022

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Which clothing category is generating the most revenue in 2022?

The largest revenue in 2022 will come from the sale of women’s clothing: $278.2 billion. In second place is menswear with $165.8 billion in revenue. Source: statista.com

Which clothing category has the least revenue in 2022?

Luxury clothing a revenue in 2022 will be $16.38 billion. This is a lower indicator among other categories of clothing: children’s, women’s, men’s. Source: statista.com

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