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Cara Menggunakan Pesan Teks untuk E-commerce

21 Best SMS Service Providers for Ecommerce Stores

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If you require targeted marketing that has a better chance of turning a customer into a repeat customer, SMS marketing is a fantastic option. This form of marketing is more personal than other marketing channels (social media advertising or mailing lists) and offers high open rates (98%) and impressive conversion rates (45%).

If you’d like to know more about the best SMS services for ecommerce, lihat sisa artikel kami di bawah ini. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular standalone and multichannel services available for your ecommerce store.

Why Should You Be Using SMS Marketing?

Lebih dari 7 billion have smartphones. And this number is expected to grow to almost 8 miliar pada akhir 2028.

a graph showing the growing number of mobile devises used worldwide

Studies show that more than half of online purchases were made on a smartphone. Seperti, text-based marketing is an effective strategy that targets a huge demographic. Namun, companies can also use SMS messages to prompt customers to check their emails for mailing list promotions.

Consider the power of texting. How many people do you know who prefer to send and receive text messages rather than make phone calls? Think about how effective a marketing channel would be that utilizes a person’s most comfortable mode of communication.

21 Best SMS Services and Apps for Ecommerce

  1. SimpleTexting – A texting service designed to help small businesses win
  2. TextMagic – Business text messaging service for marketing and communication
  3. SlickText – Highly rated SMS marketing service
  4. Sakari – SMS marketing software built for higher conversion rates
  5. Salesmsg – Simple, scalable, secure business texting & calling
  6. EZ Texting – Affordable prices, kuat fitur, and best-in-class customer support
  7. Twilio – One Messaging API to reliably reach 7B+ devices
  8. Plivo – Enable your applications with SMS in minutes
  9. Vonage – Create customer journeys through conversations—even within the context of your app
  10. Sinch – The only messaging provider in Europe with both ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 sertifikasi
  11. ClickSend – Communicate with your customers and staff like never before via SMS
  12. Infobip – Achieve the highest delivery rates anywhere in the world on a single interface
  13. Bandwidth – Take your business further with text messaging using Bandwidth’s easy SMS messaging API and unparalleled support
  14. Trumpia – Preferred by Fortune 500 perusahaan
  15. Textedly – The easiest way to instantly send 10 atau 100,000 bulk SMS and MMS mobile text messages
  16. Clickatell – A global leader in chat commerce with 20 year experience in innovation
  17. SendPulse – Drive your lead generation, audience engagement, and customer retention for free
  18. TextMarks – Enhance your real time passenger information system with short code SMS
  19. BulkSMS – Join thousands of companies and start sending your text messages today
  20. Braze – Send SMS campaigns that convert
  21. Sertakan – The fastest way to grow your sales with SMS

SimpleTexting facts

  • SimpleTexting is an SMS and MMS marketing platform specializing in text message marketing services.
  • Di 17,000 businesses trust SimpleTexting for their text messaging needs.
  • The platform provides tools for sending and receiving SMS, as well as facilitating one-on-one messaging.
  • Di 2024, SimpleTexting continues to be recognized as a top choice for businesses looking to implement text message marketing strategies.
  • Businesses that utilize text messaging services like SimpleTexting are reported to be 217% more successful based on a study of 400 brands in 2023.
  • The platform offers a user-friendly dashboard, flexible plans, and helpful tools to streamline SMS marketing efforts.
  • According to SimpleTexting’s review, the platform is praised for its straightforward approach to SMS services and connectivity with customers.

TextMagic facts

  • TextMagic is an international text messaging company specializing in helping small businesses engage with their customers.
  • With operations mainly in the AS, Inggris., dan Kanada, TextMagic offers a wide range of SMS services for business communication.
  • Businesses utilizing TextMagic can benefit from detailed reporting that includes delivery rates, reply rates, and other valuable statistics.
  • Ditemukan di 2001, TextMagic has over 14 tahun in enabling businesses to enhance their communications and mobile marketing strategies.
  • The platform boasts simplicity and power, making it a popular choice for di 25,000 business customers seeking effective SMS marketing solutions.
  • For business text messaging needs, TextMagic stands out as a premier solution, offering features, manfaat, and pricing options that cater to a diverse clientele.

SlickText facts

  • SlickText is a trusted leader in SMS marketing and mass text messaging services.
  • Businesses can automatically sync captured information with popular email marketing services like MailChimp, Konstan Kontak, and ActiveCampaign through SlickText.
  • SlickText provides SMS compliance resources, guiding users through texting laws, aturan, and guidelines to ensure a compliant SMS marketing program.
  • SlickText’s software is highly rated for its powerful and easy-to-use nature, making SMS marketing accessible and efficient for businesses.
  • The platform caters to various industries, including retail, restoran, dan sekolah, offering cloud-based SMS marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Reviews of SlickText highlight its effectiveness, kemudahan penggunaan, and value for businesses looking to implement successful SMS marketing strategies.

Sakari facts

  • Sakari is an SMS marketing automation software tailored for eCommerce businesses to enhance customer engagement and boost sales.
  • One of the key features of Sakari is text message scheduling, allowing businesses to plan and send messages at optimal times.
  • Sakari offers phone number groups functionality, enabling businesses to organize contacts efficiently for targeted messaging campaigns.
  • Automated SMS workflows are a standout feature of Sakari, streamlining communication processes and enhancing customer interactions.
  • Platformnya integrates seamlessly with popular CRM software like HubSpot, allowing for real-time two-way messaging at different record levels.
  • Customers appreciate Sakari’s quick and efficient customer service, highlighting it as a significant advantage of using the platform.

Salesmsg facts

  • Salesmsg is a comprehensive texting platform offering software, integrasi, and resources for SMS marketing, jangkauan penjualan, dan layanan pelanggan.
  • The platform provides businesses with a simple two-way SMS marketing tool to streamline sending, receiving, and handling marketing SMS messages effectively.
  • Salesmsg’s integration with HubSpot enables users to send texts, video, gambar, Gif, PDFs, and more directly from the platform, enhancing communication capabilities.
  • Salesmsg’s pricing model makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes, offering real-time text message conversations at scale.

EZ Texting facts

  • EZ Texting is a prominent SMS marketing platform that empowers businesses to engage with their audience through text messaging.
  • The platform offers features like mass texting, tanggapan otomatis, and targeted campaigns to enhance customer communication.
  • EZ Texting ensures compliance with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to maintain ethical and legal SMS marketing practices.
  • Platformnya integrates with popular CRMs and marketing tools, allowing seamless data sharing and campaign optimization.
  • EZ Texting offers analytics and reporting features to track the performance of SMS campaigns and optimize future strategies.
  • Customer reviews praise EZ Texting for its keandalan, kemudahan penggunaan, and the positive impact it has on customer engagement and retention.

Twilio facts

  • Twilio is a trusted provider of SMS services, enabling businesses to send and receive text messages across various channels using their APIs.
  • The platform helps companies streamline communication by allowing quick and easy interactions through voice calls and text messaging.
  • Businesses choose Twilio for its proven track record, handling billions of voice calls, pesan, and emails with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Twilio serves as a leading customer engagement platform utilized by over 300,000 global enterprises and digital disruptors, along with a vast network of developers.
  • Celebrating 30 years of SMS, Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform processes more than 140 billion messages annually, showcasing its immense impact on communication.
  • Twilio offers VoIP texting as a cost-effective and flexible way to communicate via SMS, providing a reliable alternative to traditional cellular service reliance.

Plivo facts

  • Plivo is a renowned provider of SMS services, offering robust SMS messaging APIs for businesses to engage with their customers effectively.
  • The platform allows businesses to integrate SMS text messaging into their applications seamlessly, enabling direct communication with customers.
  • Plivo’s SMS messaging APIs support various use cases, including delivery notifications, account alerts, two-factor authentication, marketing messages, dan lebih.
  • Transactional SMS services offered by Plivo enable businesses to send automated messages to customers triggered by specific events or customer actions.
  • Businesses can rely on Plivo’s SMS services for aman, efisien, and engaging communication with customers, enhancing their overall customer engagement strategies.

Vonage facts

  • Vonage, formerly known as Nexmo, offers a robust SMS API that enables businesses to deliver timely and targeted SMS messages for effective communication.
  • Businesses can leverage Vonage’s menikmati mobile to send and receive messages using their business number, facilitating seamless communication with customers.
  • Vonage offers 10DLC SMS registration services, ensuring compliance for businesses using 10-digit long code phone numbers for SMS exchanges.
  • The platform provides technical details on SMS APIs, guiding customers on sending traffic through long codes into US networks and the necessary brand and campaign registration.
  • Vonage’s SMS service is known for its keandalan, backed by a service level agreement that guarantees consistent gateway service performance.
  • Businesses using Vonage for SMS benefit from innovative features and tools that optimize SMS communications, driving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Sinch facts

  • Sinch is a prominent cloud communications platform that offers SMS, suara, video calling, and verification APIs to businesses worldwide.
  • The SMS API provided by Sinch allows businesses to integrate SMS messaging capabilities into their applications and platforms seamlessly.
  • Sinch has established itself as a global leader in mobile messaging for business, providing customers with effective communication solutions.
  • MessageMedia, now part of Sinch, is a trusted SMS service provider offering native integration with platforms like NetSuite and Salesforce for seamless messaging experiences.
  • Integration with platforms like HubSpot allows businesses to leverage SMS and MMS for enhanced customer engagement, personalized messaging, and increased sales opportunities.
  • Sinch MessageMedia’s platform boasts over 20 years of industry experience, with a monthly volume of di 650 million messages sent, highlighting its reliability and scale.

ClickSend facts

  • ClickSend offers a comprehensive SMS service that allows businesses to send messages worldwide through a user-friendly platform.
  • Businesses can use ClickSend’s SMS API to automate and streamline their communication processes, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.
  • ClickSend’s platform ensures message deliverability and integrity, providing a reliable channel for businesses to communicate with customers.
  • The SMS service by ClickSend is designed to be AliExpress adalah pilihan terbaik, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to implement SMS solutions.
  • ClickSend offers integration capabilities with popular platforms like Zapier, enabling seamless connectivity and automation of SMS workflows.
  • ClickSend provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing businesses to track the performance of their SMS campaigns and optimize future strategies.
  • ClickSend’s dedication to customer support ensures businesses receive assistance and guidance in utilizing SMS services effectively for their needs.

Infobip facts

  • Infobip offers a comprehensive SMS service that enables businesses to send programmable text messages globally, enhancing customer engagement and communication.
  • Infobip’s SMS service allows businesses to automate SMS messages, streamlining communication processes and ensuring timely interactions with customers.
  • Infobip supports the sending of long-form messages via SMS, providing businesses with flexibility in message content and communication style.
  • SMS messaging with Infobip is known for its high delivery rates and open rates, making it a cost-effective and efficient marketing channel for businesses.
  • Ditemukan di 2006, Infobip has established itself as a trusted SMS service provider, offering reliable global messaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Infobip’s enterprise messaging gateway, mGate, and SMS firewall for mobile operators, sGate, exemplify the company’s commitment to innovative communication technologies.
  • Infobip’s omnichannel solution includes over 30 saluran komunikasi like SMS, RCS, Suara, and Video, providing businesses with a versatile platform for effective customer communication.

Bandwidth facts

  • Bandwidth offers a Text Message API that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate SMS and MMS messaging into their applications for enhanced communication capabilities.
  • Businesses using Bandwidth’s services benefit from SMS marketing, which boasts an rata-rata 29% tingkat konversi, significantly higher than email marketing’s conversion rate of just over 15%.
  • Bandwidth’s SMS platform ensures high open rates, with text messages having a 98% open rate, indicating the effectiveness of SMS as a communication channel.
  • Bandwidth, as a cloud-based API provider, enables two-way calling, text messaging, and video conferencing through leading unified communications platforms.
  • To utilize Bandwidth’s SMS API, users need to create messaging applications within the platform, allowing for multiple applications and webhooks to enhance messaging capabilities.
  • Bandwidth’s SMS service is recognized for its keandalan, efficiency, and ability to empower businesses with effective communication tools for engaging with customers.

Trumpia facts

  • Trumpia offers automated texting software designed to create personalized SMS interactions with contacts, enhancing customer engagement.
  • The SMS gateway provider, Trumpia, caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a range of SMS features and mass text messaging services.
  • SMS messages sent through Trumpia have a 98% open rate, highlighting the effectiveness of SMS as a communication channel.
  • Businesses using Trumpia benefit from targeted communications, dengan 90% of SMS messages read within 3 menit of being received.
  • Trumpia’s SMS service is known for its reliability and versatility, providing a comprehensive solution for SMS marketing and customer engagement.

Textedly facts

  • Textedly provides a range of powerful text marketing features, including scheduling, analytics, reminders, short codes, dan lebih, to enhance SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Textedly’s pricing model is designed to scale.
  • Textedly emphasizes SMS compliance, providing a comprehensive guide covering important details such as text message laws, opt-in methods, express written consent, and more to ensure regulatory adherence.
  • Businesses utilizing Textedly benefit from unlimited contacts, toll-free phone numbers, 10DLC phone numbers, and other valuable resources to optimize their SMS marketing strategies.

Clickatell facts

  • Clickatell‘s SMS gateway has the capability to securely, reliably, and instantly deliver messages to over 6 billion people worldwide, making it a global messaging leader.
  • Lebih dari 15,000 businesses rely on Clickatell for SMS reliability and reach, sending over 10 billion SMS messages annually, showcasing the platform’s widespread adoption.
  • Clickatell offers one-way and two-way SMS messaging options, including dedicated routes for time-sensitive messages like one-time PINs or instant notifications, enhancing communication effectiveness.
  • Sebagai global leader in chat commerce, SMS API, dan lebih, Clickatell offers businesses a comprehensive solution for transforming messaging strategies and driving impactful customer engagements.

SendPulse facts

  • SendPulse offers a flexible pricing model for their SMS service, where the cost is calculated based on factors like the number of recipients, message size, sending route, dan lebih.
  • With SendPulse’s SMS automation feature, users can schedule messages to be sent automatically at predefined times, streamlining communication processes.
  • SendPulse ensures swift SMS delivery, processing messages at a rate of 200-500 messages per second, guaranteeing efficient and timely communication.
  • Customers using SendPulse can benefit from detailed statistics about each SMS campaign, providing valuable insights into campaign performance and audience engagement.
  • SendPulse allows users to send SMS messages worldwide, mencapai di 1,000 operators in more than 200 negara-negara, making it a global solution for SMS marketing needs.
  • SendPulse supports multilingual SMS campaigns, enabling users to send messages in any language, catering to diverse audiences across the globe.
  • SMS open rates with SendPulse are impressive, with statistics showing that people open and read 90% of SMS messages within three minutes of delivery.

TextMarks facts

  • TextMarks is a text messaging platform that enables businesses to engage with their audience through SMS, offering features like mass texting, group messaging, dan lebih.
  • Businesses can utilize TextMarks to send alerts, reminders, promosi, and updates via SMS, providing a direct and effective communication channel with customers.
  • TextMarksSMS service boasts high open rates, with statistics showing that 98% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of delivery, ensuring message visibility.
  • TextMarks ensures compliance with SMS regulations and best practices.
  • Businesses using TextMarks can leverage the platform’s interactive features, seperti jajak pendapat, survei, and contests via SMS.
  • TextMarks offers integration capabilities with CRM systems.

BulkSMS facts

  • BulkSMS is a leading SMS messaging service provider, offering businesses a reliable platform to send bulk text messages to their customers efficiently.
  • Businesses can use BulkSMS to reach large groups of people instantly, delivering important updates, promosi, alert, and notifications directly to their mobile phones.
  • With BulkSMS, businesses can track the delivery status of their messages in real-time.
  • Businesses can integrate BulkSMS into their existing systems and applications through APIs.
  • BulkSMS prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that customer information and communication data are safeguarded according to industry standards.
  • The platform’s scalable solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, offering flexible pricing plans and features to meet diverse SMS marketing needs.

Braze facts

  • Braze offers a comprehensive SMS/MMS messaging service that enables businesses to send personalized messages tailored to their customers’ pengaturan, driving engagement and conversions.
  • SMS messages through Braze provide a direct and efficient means of communication, allowing businesses to communicate upcoming deals, sales promotions, and product updates effectively.
  • With Braze, businesses can leverage SMS campaigns that achieve a 98% open rate, dengan 90% of messages being opened within 3 menit, showcasing the effectiveness of SMS messaging.
  • Braze’s SMS service provides a complete guide to engaging high-value customers, highlighting the impact of SMS messages in driving customer interaction and brand loyalty.
  • The platform offers an FAQ section addressing common questions related to setting up SMS campaigns, ensuring businesses have the necessary information to optimize their messaging strategies.
  • An SMS message body sent through Braze can contain up to 1,600 karakter, including emojis and dynamic content, enabling businesses to craft engaging and informative messages for their customers.

Privy facts

  • Sertakan offers a comprehensive SMS service, including broadcast texts, SMS signup forms, and after-signup and cart saver texts, designed to boost sales and customer engagement.
  • Businesses can leverage Privy’s tools to put SMS marketing on autopilot, streamlining the process of reaching out to customers and driving conversions through personalized messaging.
  • Sertakan integrates with various platforms enabling businesses to orchestrate their customer journey seamlessly and scale their list of SMS subscribers through personalized interactions.
  • Privy’s SMS marketing is recognized for its effectiveness in alerting customers, promoting goods, advertising deals, and sending personalized messages, making it a valuable tool for boosting sales and customer loyalty.

SMS Services Pricing

Price starts at
SimpleTexting$39/month for 500 pesan
TextMagic$4.90 untuk 100 pesan
SlickText$29/month for 500 pesan
Sakari$25/month for 823 pesan
Salesmsg$25/month for 500 pesan
EZ Texting$25/month for 500 pesan
Trumpia$49/month for 1,000 pesan
Textedly$26/month for 500 pesan
TextMarks$219/month for 10,000 pesan
Sertakan$45/month for 450 pesan

How to find out what SMS service is good for you?

Many SMS marketing platforms cater to larger enterprises or specific campaigns, with fewer options suited for small businesses seeking personal customer relationships. Several services are developer-centric, focusing on API integration rather than user-ready solutions.

Jadi, how to choose the right one for your business? Here are several criteria on what to look for choosing the best SMS service provider for you:

  • Setting up an SMS app for your business should be straightforward, without the need for specialist knowledge. While some apps and API services lack user-friendliness, the recommended ones are easy to start with, requiring minimal technical knowledge.
  • The app should have two-way messaging, allowing for direct and personal communication with customers, similar to texting a friend. They also offer features like automated responses, survey collection, and text scheduling.
  • The app must mengintegrasikan dengan jasa lainnya for automations like reservation reminders and confirmations. This includes direct customer messaging, order status updates, and sending customer satisfaction surveys post-service.
  • An SMS service should be affordable with no high monthly costs or large volume requirements, offering either pay-as-you-go options or low-volume, low-fee monthly plans.
  • The service should offer scalable plans suitable for holiday marketing needs, allowing for SMS campaign expansion without excessive fees or mandatory upgrades to expensive tiers.

Pikiran akhir

Seperti yang anda lihat, there are many SMS services available to convert leads into sales and interact with your customers in a personal and organic way. Pertimbangkan integrating one of these tools with your Ecwid ecommerce store to reach your customers, inform them of your latest deals, and ensure they are getting the most out of your products and services.


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