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The Best Linktree Alternatives for Link in Bio Pages

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If you’ve ever used Instagram for marketing purposes, you may have heard of Linktree. Linktree is one of many tools that brands and entrepreneurs can use to increase traffic and monetize their social media following. While Linktree was popularized in association with Instagram, it can be paired with social media accounts on other platforms too. But if you’re unfamiliar with it, you may be asking, “What is Linktree, and why is it important?”

Here is a quick breakdown of how Linktree works, as well as a list of high-quality, free Linktree alternatives.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a tool that enables social media users to link to multiple web pages under one domain. Instagram, et d'autres plateformes de médias sociaux, typically do not provide much space for linking to websites. Users can share a link in bio, but this only allows for a single URL to be shared. With Linktree, cependant, users can work around that limitation and share links to multiple pages under a single URL.

How does Linktree work?

A “link in bio” is a profile feature on Instagram, TikTok, et d'autres plateformes de médias sociaux. This feature allows brands and entrepreneurs to link to their own websites through their social media pages. Par exemple, a retailer could provide a link to their online store on their Instagram link in bio.

This is a useful tool, but some users find it fairly limiting. Many users, especially brands, want to be able to link to more than one page from their Instagram account. That’s where Linktree comes in. With Linktree, users can create a curated landing page that houses multiple links and other information about your brand or products. This gives users much more freedom and options when directing traffic via their link in bio URL.

Linktree’s basic features are free to use. But users can also register for tiered payment plans to unlock additional features. Paid features range from custom themes to video embedding, to analytic tools to further optimize your content.

Best Linktree Alternatives

While Linktree is perhaps the most popular bio link landing page creator, it is not your only option. There are several other apps like Linktree which might offer better value for what you are looking for. If you’re interested in Linktree but want to explore other options, here are some Linktree competitors you might want to consider.


Relier is a smart link-in-bio solution for sharing and managing multiple links. This link-in-bio tool lets you easily create a mobile-friendly page with links to all your social profiles, travail, contenu, et même des produits. This is particularly valuable for brands, les artistes, créateurs de contenu, et influenceurs. Your followers can conveniently purchase your products or merch directly from your Linkup page, eliminating the need to navigate elsewhere.

Linkup also provides detailed insights on page performance and allows you to customize your page to fit your brand aesthetic. Le meilleur de tous, il’s gratuit!

Another benefit of Linkup is that it’s powered by Ecwid, une plateforme de commerce électronique. That gives you more opportunity to scale as your brand grows. Par exemple, you can add more sales channels or monetization ways.


Beacons is a free-to-use landing page builder with an intuitive retail-focused design. Beacon users can easily add product links and call-to-action buttons to their landing page. These features make it much easier to convert views into sales. Beacons is also easy to integrate with other third-party platforms, making it one of the most flexible Linktree alternatives. And with strong customization and analytics tools, Beacons has all the other necessities covered as well.

If there is a downside to Beacons, it’s that the free version is relatively limited. The paid Pro plan starts at $7 and unlocks many key features.


Bio.fm is a Linktree alternative that emphasizes freedom of design and an intuitive interface. Bio.fm users can create a link in bio landing page that is compatible with a broad range of content. From pictures and videos, dynamic content, and unlimited linking potential.

Bio.fm’s simple block-based design allows users to easily select and drag content blocks to organize their landing page exactly how they want it.

Bio.fm is free to sign up for but has some paid features if you want more. Cependant, Bio.fm is also more limited in terms of its third-party app integration than some Linktree competitors.


If brand imaging is crucial to you, Campsite is a great Linktree alternative to consider. Campsite makes it very easy to add brand colors, logos, and other imaging to your bio link landing page. Other highlights of this Linktree alternative are its crisp mobile layout, easy-to-use design interface, and useful and intuitive analytic tools.

Like other landing page creators, Campsite offers a free version to all users. Cependant, the free version is lacking in some features, most notably analytics. The “Pro” version of Campsite is available for $7 per month and unlocks most of those bonus features.


Koji is a social media e-commerce tool that offers a range of different apps and features. One of those is a bio link landing page creator that rivals Linktree. Koji has all the standard features that many of its competitors have. Cependant, it is lacking in customization compared to some other Linktree alternatives.

Koji might be good to use if you’re looking for a full package of social media retail features, and not just a link in bio URL builder. While Koji is technically free to use, it takes a small percentage of all transactions. This means a small portion of each sale you make goes to Koji. The more sales you make, the more you end up paying for their services.


LinkIn.Bio from Later is perhaps the most intuitively named Linktree alternative. LinkIn.Bio is one of the most robust landing page creators, offering great customization, plenty of linking opportunities, and handy analytics. It’s also easily integrated with both Instagram and TikTok, making it a good alternative if you are managing multiple profiles.

The downside of LinkIn.Bio is that it is not free. The starter plan is $18 un mois. Users can also access other apps from Later along with LinkIn.Bio for a full package of social media content management tools.


Milkshake is a Linktree alternative that is built for mobile websites. While this is great if you are only interested in crafting a mobile-friendly landing page, it can be limiting. Milkshake is not compatible with desktop devices. Along with limited compatibility, Milkshake is lacking in some features to help with sales conversions.

Cela dit, Milkshake is free to use, offers easy customization, and is good for managing multiple profiles across platforms. If you are focusing exclusively on mobile web traffic, Milkshake is arguably the strongest Linktree competitor available.

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If you’re just getting started with selling on social media, check out Ecwid’s guide on comment vendre sur Instagram sans site Web.


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