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Top AI-Based Tools to Streamline Business Processes

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En tant qu'entrepreneur, you have a lot of responsibilities and tasks to juggle to keep your business running smoothly. To gain an edge over competitors, you need to be smart and efficient when it comes to managing your business processes.

AI-based tools can help you save time by automating tedious and time-consuming tasks. Read on to find out some of the tools you can leverage, as well as advice on how to make the most of them.

What Are AI-Based Tools?

Whenever we talk about artificial intelligence (AI), what typically comes to mind is called machine learning. It describes software algorithms that can learn and become more adept at performing tasks as they accomplish assignments and process data.

Machine learning powers tools we don’t even recognize as AI-based, like search engines, places de marché en ligne, movie streaming services, et plus.

AI-based tools are quickly becoming the norm, gaining immense popularity in only a few years. The reason seems clear: AI can make life easier, handling menial tasks, while humans get to work on more interesting duties.

A lot of the tasks we do on a daily basis can be automated, especially when you run a small business. Whether it’s writing product descriptions, creating ads, or generating email copy, these tedious and time-consuming responsibilities can be completed by AI while you focus on other goals. AI-based tools are designed to accomplish routine tasks quickly and efficiently. Avec IA, you can save time and focus on the more interesting aspects of your business.

Let’s take a look at how AI-based tools can help you streamline your online selling process.

Keep in mind that the treatment of AI-generated content under copyright law is still an open question. No matter what tool you use, make sure you always read its Terms and Conditions.

AI Tools for Writing Product Descriptions

Descriptions de produits are essential for any online store. They provide customers with the details they need to make an informed purchase decision. Dans le même temps, writing product descriptions can be one of the most time-consuming parts of being an online seller, especially if you have hundreds of products.

Some AI-based tools can help you write better product descriptions in mere minutes. All you have to do is enter a few key details about the product. The tool will generate a detailed description that you can use as-is or refine further if needed.

Here are some of the tools you can use to write product descriptions:

Magic Write by Canva

This AI text generator can be used for writing almost anything copy-related, but we were especially impressed at its ability to write product descriptions. Voici un exemple:

A product description generated with Magic Write by Canva


This free AI-powered text generator is also great at writing product descriptions, as well as social media captions, copie d'annonce, site web, and blog copy.

Si vous exécutez un magasin Ecwid, you can generate descriptions for your products using the AI Product Descriptions application de l'Ecwid App Market.

AI Tools for Improving Product Pictures

High-quality product images help increase conversions for ecommerce stores by making products look more appealing and realistic. AI-based image editing tools can help improve your product pictures. They can automatically adjust brightness, le contraste, les couleurs, and other settings without requiring any manual input from you.

AI makes it much easier to produce consistent results across all images without needing expertise in photography or image editing software.


This AI tool allows you to perfect your product pictures by erasing undesired objects, défauts, or even people. Enjoy a stress-free experience as you produce the ideal product images.

Here is a product picture before using Cleanup.Pictures:

And here’s the same product picture but with a cleaned-up background:

AI Image Enlarger and Enhancer

This AI toolkit gives you the power to drastically improve pictures in a matter of seconds. Sharpen out-of-focus images while still preserving clarity. Tweak color tones and lighting balance effortlessly. It also includes other helpful features, such as removing background busyness, le bruit, or unwanted objects.

AI Tools for Writing Ecommerce Copy

Writing marketing copy for social media, e-mails, annonces, and websites is one of those necessary evils for any business. You need copy to share information about new products or services. Cependant, writing can be difficult when you don’t have the time or resources to come up with compelling ideas on your own.

Heureusement, il existe des outils de rédaction basés sur l'IA qui peuvent générer des textes attrayants qui trouvent un écho auprès des acheteurs potentiels.


ChatGPT est rapidement devenu viral après avoir été mis à la disposition du public sous forme d'aperçu de recherche gratuit.. Saisissez des invites textuelles telles que des questions ou des instructions et ChatGPT affichera le texte sous n'importe quelle forme, de la copie des réseaux sociaux à un article de blog.

Découvrez le poème que ChatGPT a écrit sur Ecwid par Lightspeed:


Jasper.ai is an AI-powered content writing platform that helps business owners and entrepreneurs create social media, site web, blog, SEO, ad, and email copy with ease. If you have a blog for your business, Jasper.ai can be especially helpful. It helps come up with blog post outlines, rewrite content, and brainstorm content ideas.

Jasper.ai also has AI image generator you can use to create pictures for your social media, e-mails, ou site Web.

Keep in mind that AI-powered copywriting tools allow you to adjust the tone and voice of your text. Use that setting to adjust copy to your brand.

Si vous exécutez un magasin Ecwid, you can generate social media content for your business using the Social Post AI application de l'Ecwid App Market. Ou, write ecommerce copy using the MercuryAI app.

AI Tools for Generating Images and Videos

Marketing your product online without images or videos is unimaginable—who would buy a product they have never seen? Just like you need written content for marketing campaigns, you also need illustrations and videos to showcase your products.

That’s where image and video generators come in handy. You can use AI-based tools to generate custom images, INFOGRAPHIE, and videos from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Dall-E 2

This AI tool is another project of OpenAI, the same artificial intelligence research laboratory that gave us ChatGPT. Dall-E 2 enables users to take text prompts and convert them into a variety of computer graphics, from images, photos, dessins, and paintings—you name it!

If you run a print-on-demand business (meaning products are made by a supplier as they are ordered), you can even use Dall-E 2 to create designs to put on your print-on-demand products.


This AI-powered video creation tool allows you to easily create educational, marketing, or business videos with a few clicks. It is simple to use—all you have to do is drag and drop.

AI Tool for Designing a Brand

Creating and managing marketing assets can be an overwhelming task. Your visuals should be cohesive and representative of your brand while also making your brand distinct from your competition. How exhausting!

AI-based branding business tools can help business owners save time by automatically creating logos, cartes de visite, en-têtes, and more with just a few clicks of a mouse.


This innovative tool simplifies branding efforts for your store. It leverages AI to create remarkable, distinctive logos and branded materials that share your company’s unique identity and message. For those that struggle with design, this tool can effortlessly generate personalized marketing materials such as business cards, brand kits, and social media templates.

If you’re selling online with Ecwid by Lightspeed, you can even try the Voir application de l'Ecwid App Market.

Create dozens of designs for all kinds of branded materials in minutes

AI Tools for Improving Customer Support

Providing quality customer service is a crucial part of running any business. Cependant, it can be difficult to manage several customer communication channels when you’re busy with other business tasks.

AI-based tools can automate customer service processes so that business owners don’t have to worry about handling emails or messages manually. They are especially good for problems with simple solutions, such as providing shipping information and other customer service-related communications.

AI-Powered Chatbots

There are all kinds of AI chatbots that provide an instant and 24/7 first line of support, removing common and order-tracking questions from your inbox.

Sur le marché des applications Ecwid, you can choose from a number of customer support chatbots, comme Tidio, Chaport, La plaque, et plus. They will answer commonly asked questions about products, les remboursements, expédition, et plus! They can update customers on their orders 24/7 while sending you customer questions that need more human attention.

AI Tool for Automating Video Marketing

Video marketing is literally everywhere. Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have popularized vertical video format. You can see marketing videos on almost every social platform, y compris Facebook, Pinterest, et YouTube. Due to their popularity, video ads generally get more attention from consumers.

Check out our article about why TikTok is so popular et la effectiveness of vertical video advertising.

When you run a business, you can’t deny the effectiveness of video when marketing products online. Heureusement, AI tools make the process of creating videos much easier and faster.


This tool allows you to publish or schedule video content on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, et Twitter. It can help you expand your reach and build an engaged following.

Simplement mis, you can effortlessly convert a single video into 15 different pieces of content and have it published without any manual labor. Imagine how many hours it can save you each week!

Can You Rely 100% on AI Tools?

Although AI-based tools can be incredibly helpful for streamlining tasks related to running an online store, it’s important not to rely on them fully. They should be used as a tool rather than a substitute for an employee. As powerful as they may be, they still lack the human touch essential in certain areas, such as customer service or creative brainstorming sessions.

It’s best practice not to rely solely on these tools. Au lieu de cela, use them as prompts or guides when coming up with ideas yourself.

Par exemple, you can use Jasper.ai to quickly draft some SEO copy, such as title and meta descriptions for product pages. Then you can edit it to make sure it fits your product and brand.

Jasper.ai has many templates for ecommerce businesses

Ou, when you generate some Facebook ad copy using AI, always check that it actually follows the platform’s recommendations for ad texts, such as character limit for primary text, gros titre, et la description.

Prompts for AI-Powered Tools

Many AI-based tools work with prompts, like ChatGPT and Jasper.ai. Prompts are keywords, phrases, or questions that you can use to give the AI tool information about how you would like it to perform a task. Par exemple, “Generate Google Ads headlines and taglines for advertising my product (include a short description of your product).”

Pour les meilleurs résultats, download some AI prompt templates for business-related tasks:

Helpful AI Prompts for Business Owners

Check out some AI prompt templates for business-related tasks to help you on your automation journey.

S'il vous plaît, mettez une adresse email valide

Those are just a few prompts you can use to leverage AI-powered tools as a business owner. To get the most out of your preferred tool, research the tool’s capabilities and experiment with different prompts to see what works best for you.


Ensemble, leveraging AI-based tools is a great way for busy online sellers and entrepreneurs to save time while still producing quality work. These powerful yet simple-to-use tools enable anyone—regardless of experience level—to create content quickly and effectively without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Cependant, it’s important not to rely solely on these solutions. Au lieu de cela, use them as guides when coming up with ideas for your business. This ensures that your content has just enough human touch while still utilizing these high-tech solutions.

Now it’s up to you to explore potential AI-based tools that could help your business!


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