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10 Effective Loyalty Programs to Drive Repeat Purchases

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Are you tired of customers wandering off to explore new stores, even if they love your products? Bien, it’s time to turn the tables and keep them hooked on what your business has to offer!

Loyalty programs are the secret sauce for any business, as they have the power to transform one-time shoppers into lifelong fans. Whether you’re in the business of coffee, vêtements, or accessories, you can persuade your customers that the grass is always greener on your side of the fence.

Buckle up as we dive into the world of loyalty programs that will make your brand shine bright and keep customers coming back for more.

What Is a Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program is a way of rewarding customers for remaining loyal to your brand by providing discounts, articles gratuits, coupons, ou des offres spéciales. Customers will be able to redeem these rewards after making several purchases at your store. It is a great strategy to increase customer retention.

There are various types of loyalty programs that you can choose from and implement as soon as possible. Continue reading to find out which is ideal for your store.

Do Loyalty Programs Work?

Loyalty program members generate 12-18% more revenue growth each year than non-members if properly executed! It’s worth trying it out and seeing if it works for your brand.

How to Create a Loyalty Program

The key to creating a successful program is to make it personal and valuable for your customers. There are a few elements to consider when creating a loyalty program, such as what type of rewards and perks you’ll offer and how customers can earn them.

Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel—there are plenty of successful loyalty programs out there that you can draw inspiration from and start generating more sales.

Voici quelques exemples:

Le programme de points

The points program is one of the simplest loyalty programs out there. Buyers earn points for every purchase they make, and then they can use those points to get a free item or discount.

For it to be successful, the program must be easy to calculate and understand. Par exemple, a customer earns 1 point pour chaque 1$ ou 2$ spent at your store. Points can be made for purchases and engagement, such as a like on Facebook or a subscription to a newsletter.

It’s also important to make your points program easy to use. Give clients a tangible card to take around and also allow them to access it through their phones with an account or mobile app. De cette façon, if they forget or lose their card (as we all do from time to time), their points remain stored in their phone and can be retrieved.

Short-term and frequent purchases benefit from this kind of reward program the most.

Let’s take Starbucks Loyalty Program as an example:

Starbucks is well-known for its rewards system. Customers receive one star for every dollar spent using a credit or debit card and two stars when using preloaded money from the app. With the stars, members can get free drinks or food.

Coffee is an integral part of many people’s morning routines. Some people drink coffee every morning, so they might as well get rewarded for it!

Fait amusant: Starbucks is one of the most popular rewards programs, averaging nearly 29 million members in 2022.

Note: l' Gratisfaction app from the Ecwid App Market can help you run a points loyalty program just as easily as Starbucks!

Listen to the founder of the Gratisfaction app share his insights and tactics on developing loyalty programs.

Le programme Tier

With a tier program, the size of the rewards increases with time. Plus un client achète, the bigger the prize. Customers will return in anticipation of earning that prize.

To keep your brand top of mind, you must constantly remind your customers of the benefits, leur statut, et à quel point ils sont à un nouveau niveau (= Récompense supplémentaire). This program gives customers a feeling of exclusivity and high status and excites them about shopping at your store.

Ce système fonctionne le mieux pour les clients à long terme et les entreprises à prix élevé.

Par exemple, the Sephora Beauty Insider Program offers a variety of rewards depending on how much you spent on their products in the past year. Il comprend des invitations à des événements exclusifs, various discounts, and free standard shipping (they really make you feel like a VIP!)

Conseil Pro: Send a personalized offer via email by segmenting customers that spend over a certain amount in your store. Dans Ecwid, you can do that by syncing your Ecwid store with Mailchimp. Par exemple, you can set up an automated email for customers who spend over $2,000 dans votre magasin. The email can congratulate them on joining a new tier and list all the benefits they have now accumulated.

Ou, utilisation pour l'exportation on Ecwid to find out how much your customers spent last year. Sur votre liste de vente, click “Export Orders” and download a CSV file. You’ll be able to work with it in Google Sheets to filter customers that ordered over a certain sum from you—then you can offer rewards based on the amount!

Le programme de défraiement

Customers who join this loyalty program pay a fee to get a VIP membership. It offers perks that regular customers can’t access, such as free shipping, more significant discounts, ou des produits exclusifs.

Remember that this is most effective for repeat purchases and may not be as interesting for new customers.

Par exemple, Amazon Prime membership provides access to video streaming, prime récompenses, or early access to select deals. And they seal the deal with free, one-day shipping. Shoppers are eager to receive their orders and dislike having to wait. They are willing to pay for speed!

Fait amusant: Amazon Prime members spend more than twice as much as non-Prime members.

Note: You can sell access to a membership program right in your Ecwid store! All you need to do is create a product that doesn’t require shipping and name it something like “Access to a membership program.” If you’d like to receive a recurring payment for the membership (dire, $2 par mois), you’ll find Ecwid’s subscription tool particularly helpful.

Le Partenariat de récompense

Avec ce programme de fidélité, you partner with one or more companies and offer rewards that can be redeemed at participating stores. Pour ce, it is important to work with companies related to your brand that your customers will be interested in. Par exemple, if your store sells fitness apparel, you can partner with a gym or fitness center. You can offer special co-branded deals or discounts in your partners’ stores.

Par exemple, Air Canada’s Aeroplan members can earn points at various retailers and use them on flights, hôtels, and storesanything a customer might need for a trip.

Conseil Pro: The easiest way to offer a discount at a partner store is via des coupons de réduction.

Le programme non monétaire

This program does not offer a monetary incentive but rather a value-based one. Purchasers will not receive any reward directly, but their purchase will help support a specific organization of your choice. Dans ce cas, it is crucial to choose a fund that represents your values and your audience’s.

You can donate some of your sales to animal rights organizations, art efforts, des programmes éducatifs, etc. This choice is determined by your brand’s unique characteristics and your customers’ les valeurs.

Don’t forget to keep your buyers informed on how their purchases have helped those funds, and show proof of donation after the fact.

Par exemple, Patagonia, a popular outdoor clothing retailer, fait un don 1% of sales to preserve and restore the natural environment. They’ve awarded over $140 million to domestic and international environmental groups.

Note: There are several ways to collect donations in your Ecwid store, both recurring and one-time. Customers will be able to see a donation option on the storefront and/or at checkout.

Le programme de jeu

Pourquoi ne pas divertir les clients et leur offrir quelque chose de spécial en même temps?

Créer un programme de fidélisation basé sur un jeu et offrez à vos acheteurs cadeaux, des réductions, or exclusive deals when they win. The game must be simple and easy to use and should offer something that satisfies your customers’ interests. Tenez-vous au fair-play: les chances doivent être au moins 25%.
Vous pouvez aller pour un jeu « Faites tourner la roue » ou un quiz.

Let’s take Starbucks as an example again (Pardon, they are just killing their loyalty game). Chaque année, they launch their summer games, which allow members to play a puzzle game, collect points, and win rewards. The prizes include free drinks, la nourriture, accessoires, les cartes-cadeaux, and even trips. It’s addicting!

Conseil Pro: You can set up a gamified loyalty program in your Ecwid store using the Gratisfaction app. Ou, add a spin wheel to your storefront with Discount Spin Wheel.

Le programme Cashback

Ce type de programme de fidélité est assez simple: customers spend a certain amount of money and receive a portion back. It helps increase transactions and is easy for a customer to understand.

As this loyalty program does not provide an immediate reward, keeping customers engaged with your brand is critical. The results are only seen after a specific amount of time and repurchases.

Par exemple, Le CVS supplémentaire programme de soins vous permet d'obtenir 2% retour de tous vos achats.

Lire plus: Trois modèles de tarification que vous pouvez mettre en œuvre dans votre boutique en ligne

Le programme hybride

This is a combination of different types of loyalty programs.

Mais ne pas essayer trop dur ici: si vous combinez trop de types, il peut confondre vos clients. Points et des systèmes de niveau fonctionnent bien ensemble, contrairement au mélange de cashback, Jeu, et des programmes contre rémunération.

Par exemple: Lorsque vous vous inscrivez pour les récompenses de Kiehl, a free birthday gift is guaranteed, ainsi qu'un $10 récompense pour chaque $100 passé.

Le programme des ambassadeurs

How about rewarding your fans by putting them on your ambassador list? Donnez-leur des billets de faveur ou un accès VIP à vos services en échange de passer le mot sur votre magasin sur les médias sociaux, review websites and in-person events.

This loyalty program is excellent for increasing social proof and brand awareness. Potential customers will be encouraged to try the product after seeing the ambassador use it and give a positive review. They trust their choices, and reviews in the form of videos or pictures are always more honest.

Par exemple, Lululemon’s ambassador program enables individuals who engage in a variety of activities, such as running, yoga, studio owners, les artistes, and chefs, to become a part of the Lululemon community. They get to test out their products, connect with other ambassadors, and host company events such as yoga classes (while wearing their clothes).

De cette façon, Lululemon’s ambassador program promotes the brand, demonstrates its products in action, and creates a community around them.

Cadeaux d'anniversaire

Celui-ci est facile: you present your buyers with gifts on their birthdays. Il fonctionne pour toute entreprise avec une base de données clients, and if you offer a birthday gift for signing up for subscribing to your newsletter, il aide à construire une liste d'email marketing. A gift can be an exclusive product, un rabais, or a sample. Who doesn’t love gifts on their birthday?

Par exemple: World Market offers a free reward on your birthday — and it’s a surprise!

Conseil Pro: Ajouter un custom field to your checkout to ask customers for their birthday. Don’t forget to explain why you are asking for it.

Sinon, celebrate a customer’s purchase anniversary by sending them an automated email with a discount coupon. This option is even easier as you won’t have to track all your customers’ birthdays. Just enable the “One Year After Purchase” e-mail, specify the discount amount, and the emails will be sent out automatically to all eligible customers. (It’s a good idea to let your customers know about this perk to build loyalty.)

En savoir plus: Meilleures pratiques de marketing par e-mail pour le commerce électronique pour 3x les ventes

Best Practices for Loyalty Programs

To maximize the effectiveness of your loyalty program, remember these key guidelines:

  • Keep the terms simple and straightforward, ensuring clarity for your customers.
  • Simplify the sign-up process, making it quick and easy for them to join.
  • Offer valuable rewards that make their loyalty worthwhile and exciting.
  • Encourage ongoing engagement to promote long-term participation.
  • Provide additional value for each action taken, incentivizing customers to stay active.
  • Don’t forget to express gratitude and appreciation for their participation throughout the program.

By following these principles, you can create a loyalty program that truly captivates your customers and keeps them coming back for more.


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