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Par Laybuy

Laybuy is a global leader in 'Buy Now, Pay Later' technology.

  • Grow your sales: Increase online conversion, increase basket size, repeat customers and attract new customers
  • Better fraud protection: International ID checks every user to eliminate fraud and ensure affordability
  • Get paid upfront: Settlement is made overnight into your nominated account
  • Competitive pricing: Our merchant service fees vary by region at a fixed percentage with no gateway fixed fee.

Easily accept online payments with Laybuy “Buy Now, Pay Later” technology solution. Providing more options for your customers. A better option for you.

Easily accept Laybuy with our payment module for your Ecwid website. Laybuy offers your customers more choice and more flexibility in the way they pay. Customers can “buy now, pay later” with 6, interest-free, weekly installments. With lower fees, better fraud-protection, plus access to our international shopping audience.

  • Don’t have a Laybuy merchant account? Sign up here
  • Already have a Laybuy merchant account? Log in to your Ecwid Control Panel.
  • Go to Payments > More options to accept online payments > Select Laybuy
  • Or locate Laybuy in Ecwid APP market and install
  • Follow the configuration instructions on the page.



Par Laybuy

Contactez le développeur sur https://help.laybuy.com/hc/en-us

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