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Cashfree: Payments for Digital India

The fastest and easiest way to collect payments for growing businesses in India.

  • 100+ Payment Options: Any card, 65+ Netbanking options, UPI, Paytm & other wallets, EMI, and Pay Later options.
  • Fast Settlement options that fits your business need - Same Day, Holiday, and On-demand settlements
  • Know real-time status of all customer payments and avoid ambiguity with real-time reconciliation

The fastest and easiest way to collect payments for your store with 100+ payment options and fast settlements that fit your business needs.

Cashfree is a next generation payment gateway that is easy to integrate and supports instant refunds.

  • Trusted by a thousand businesses.
  • Your Website Your Checkout Page
  • Saved Cards
  • Recurring Payments
  • Pre-authorization
  • Higher than Industry Success Rate
  • Real-time Reconciliation

You can set up this integration instantly in your store with your Cashfree Account.

Copy your Merchant API key and Secret Key values in the app dashboard. You can even test the integration prior to accepting real payments by enabling the test mode checkbox.

Try the app for 7 days, for free.



Par InnovSolutions

Contactez le développeur sur lunarinno.tech@gmail.com

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