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Bambora Checkout

Par Bambora

Connect to the Bambora payment-system and start receiving secure online payments

  • Fast and Secure payments
  • Smooth design
  • All major payment cards accepted
  • Be up and running within 24 hours with minimal setup

Seamless shopping experience with high security and conversion rates

Bambora will now be known as Worldline. As your payment partner, we’re now becoming stronger and better. However, all the things that you love about Bambora will remain the same – the contract, the people, and the solutions.

This integration is for the European Merchants using the Bambora Checkout payment system.

Seamless shopping experience with high security and conversion rates

Bambora Checkout 
is a Payment Service Provider that provides payment solutions for all types of businesses. We offer functional, flexible e-commerce solutions to meet your every need. Whether you want a secure solution that is quick and easy to implement in your online store, or a fully integrated, customized solution that meets your specific needs, Bambora Checkout solution has the answer.

With our payment service, your customers will enjoy an effortless shopping experience thanks to our user-friendly design and one-click payment system. Customer card details are stored, so multiple purchases can be made with a single click. Customer convenience, and top marks for your conversion! With this integration, you will get the Bambora Checkout payment system integrated into your store and with a few clicks, you are able to start receiving secure online payments from all major payment cards

Our process of getting you onboard is one of the fastest on the market. Simply create an account, and a few clicks later you are ready to go. To get started with Bambora Checkout head over to our boarding page and signup for a free merchant test account at one of the following links:

Bambora Checkout Key Features

Fast payments
Safe, fast, direct daily deposits are made to the account of your choice.

All major payment cards accepted
Major payment cards, including Visa and MasterCard, are always accepted.

Smooth design

Be up and running within 24 hours

Information and Pricing:

For more details, please visit:


By using Bambora Checkout you won't have to worry about the security of your client’s payment details. The integration works by redirecting the customer to our PCI-DSS secure servers where the customer enters their payment information directly into our secure environment so that the webshop never comes into contact with your payment data. When the payment is done the customer is redirected back to your webshop and our servers will notify your webshop that the payment is completed.



Par Bambora

Contactez le développeur sur https://developer.bambora.com/europe/

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