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How to add products as a product option


Sorry for the title.. struggled to put it into a few short words

I am selling e-liquid. To put this as easily as I can I have say 30ml bottles for $10, what I am wanting to do is offer a product that is 4x30ml for $30. How can I add an option into a product to allow other products to be chosen. So say I have 15 juices and they can select the four they want.

Thanks for any help.
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I am Anastasia, Ecwid Support. Thank you for contacting us!

I will be glad to help you.

You can make the product settings in a way you want with the help of the Product Options feature.
You can use as a base product, for example, the “Set of 4x30 ml bottles” and create 4 product’s options (bottles) with several selections (flavours), so your customers will be able to choose a flavour for each bottle and purchase them for $30. In order to accomplish this, please follow the instruction below:

1) Go to your Ecwid Control Panel -> Catalog -> Products -> select the product and click “Edit Product”
2) As a name of the base product that consist of 4 bottles, you can use, for example, Set of 4x30 ml bottles”, and indicate the price for it as 30$.
3) Click ‘Options” -> “+Add New Option”
4) Add a title, for example “Bottle 1” and an input type
5) Tick the box near “Require customer selection”
6) Click “+Add New Selection” and add the types of flavour

Please have a look at the example screenshot:

Following the same steps, please add 3 options (bottles) with the selections (flavours).

Here is what it will look like on the product’s page:

Save the changes and check the result in your store.

I hope this information will be helpful for you.

Best regards,
Anastasia E.
Ecwid Support Team
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