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A new version of Ecwid plugin for has just been released (v2.5)

Hi Everyone,

We continue improving Ecwid plugins for CMS to allow merchants embed Ecwid into their sites as easy as possible. We've just released a new version of Ecwid plugin for (v2.5) .

But before telling what is new in the plugin, I'd like to share another great news:

A popular Wordpress theme maker SMThemes optimized their themes to make Ecwid store look better in them.
Ecwid plugin is compatible with any Wordpress theme and can be installed on any Wordpress site or blog. Further, to fit the site design better, one can customize their Ecwid store look either using Ecwid custom CSS themes or by changing their Wordpress theme styles., who offers a wide variety of free WordPress themes, updated all of their themes styles to be compatible with Ecwid in terms of design and layout. So if a seller has a Wordpress site with one of the SMThemes themes installed, then an Ecwid store on their site will automatically adjust to better fit the site design.

Here is an screenshot of how our demo store looks on the "Architecture" theme by SMThemes: .

Find more examples of good-looking Wordpress themes with built-in design optimization for Ecwid on SMThemes site:

What is new in the Ecwid WP plugin version 2.5

Extended compatibility with the "Responsive" WordPress theme. Ecwid plugin is by design compatible with any theme and automatically adapts itself to any layout and screen size. This makes your store looks good on any device your customers use. One of the most popular free themes for Wordpress -- "Responsive" -- is also famous for its responsive design. In this update, we adjusted our plugin to better integrate with Responsive theme and Ecwid stores now look a way better on WordPress sites with Responsive themes to provide better user experience on any device and to generate more sales. If you're thinking which WP theme to choose for your site, you should definitely try the "Responsive" theme with Ecwid. Screenshots: Added compatibility with WordPress 4.0. WordPress 4.0 is just around the corner and we already prepared our plugin for it. We enhanced the plugin installation process to be compatible with the new plugins management coming with WordPress 4.0 and tested every plugin's function to make sure your stores are ready for the upcoming WordPress update.
Automatic store page recovery functionality. Some Ecwid users previously faced issues when they deleted or replaced the plugin's generated store page on their Wordpress sites. We added a smart mechanism to Ecwid plugin to automatically detect such situations and prevent any possible troubles connected with them. Now, it you decide to move your store from one page to another within your Wordpress site or temporary hide your store page, the plugin will detect that, find an alternative store page on your site (if any) and keep the links and all the store functionality working OK regardless of whether you currently have a new store page or not. So, whatever update you're making on your site pages, you can rest assured your Ecwid store works fine, be it the product browser, single product snippet or a sidebar widget.
Fixed broken link in single product widgets. We fixed a minor issue with broken links in single product widgets, that was reported to us recently. You can add a single product to any page of your site as usually by means of [ecwid_product] shortcode -- everything will work fine. All existing single product widget will continue working as well -- no actions is required from your side.
Fixed a few layout issues on the plugin's setting pages. During the recent updates, we were improving the plugin setting pages interfaces. This update brought a few more fixes to the plugin settings pages to make them more user-friendly.
Several fixes for old WordPress versions. WordPress is often updated with new features and bug fixes. Still, there are some merchants who use the old versions. While encouraging everyone to update their sites regularly, we want our plugin work great for all users. So, in this update, we added a few fixes addressing issues in the old Wordpress versions (2.8 - 3.1)

Please feel free to upgrade to the newest version and share your feedback.

Thank you!

UPDATED: version 2.6 is available
Matt K
Ecwid Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.


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