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Product slider from Ecwid products to six website

Hi there

I am going to try and explain this as easy as possible lol

When you are creating a store on Wix you can have a product slider separate to the store page, when you integrate the Ecwid store onto wix this option then disappears from the add section on the editor

So is it possible to have a product slider using the wix products?

I hope that makes sense

Thank you
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Hi there!

If I get it right, you're talking about Wix product slider. Wix and Ecwid are different e-commerce solutions. Wix product slider will work only for your Wix products. It won't be possible to link it to your Ecwid products.

I also wouldn't recommend adding both Wix and Ecwid stores to one website. It may confuse your customers, as they'll have two different shopping carts and checkouts.

If you want to display a slider with your Ecwid products, you can use the Image Slider app https://www.ecwid.com/apps/featured/powr-slider. You can add your product images to the slider and link them with the needed product pages. You can add this slider to the main store page, for example.

If you want to display a slider with your Ecwid products somewhere on your Wix website, you can use a built-in Wix image slider tool. You can find it in your Wix Website Editor > Add > Gallery > Slider Galleries (see screenshot: https://ecwid.d.pr/pLceAF). You can add your product images to this slider and link them to the Ecwid product pages.

I hope it helps. Feel free to contact us at support@ecwid.com if you have more questions.
Valerie S.
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