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Ship&co + Ecwid


I am currently using Ship&co as shipping management but seems unsupported by Ecwid, https://www.shipandco.com/en/ is there any way to integrate it?

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This is April, Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thanks for your question!

At the moment, we don't integrate with Ship&co, I'm really sorry. Yet, I've asked our Product Managers if we can do it in the future. If the feature will be available one day, we'll inform you via email!

Also, just in case, it might be possible to integrate your store with Ship&co with the help of a custom developed script just for your own store. The script should be based on Ecwid API: https://developers.ecwid.com/api-documentation.

You can do it yourself (if you have programming skills), hire a developer or get help from our Customization Team!

If you want Ecwid’s developers to make this custom feature for you, you can apply for Ecwid’s Customization Service by filling out this form: https://ecwidcom.typeform.com/to/vIlijv.

Hope this will clarify your concern! Feel free to ask further questions.

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