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Gold Digger FRVR Game

Gold Digger FRVR About:

New Game: Gold Digger FRVR. This is a cool mining game about a brave guy that digs deep into the ground to find all kinds of stuff. Have fun playing Gold Digger FRVR, a free online game on clicker heroes.

Start using your simple shovel and collect stuff that could be useful to keep digging or money to buy better equipment. Once you are done digging and exploring the underground, go back to the surface to buy tools, and drop save your new items.

Be careful when you are down there! You can end up with a huge rock falling on your head, or drown diving into the water, that’s why you should always go back to the surface to save the things you have found. Become the wealthiest miner in the world!
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Thanks for the information MySainsburys

clicker heroes, game online

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