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Finally redid the web site. I had problems with the generations sorry for the problem. the website Thanks for looking

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Originally Posted by Alan Shaw View Post
Finally redid the web site. I had problems with the generations sorry for the problem. the website Thanks for looking
What is the generations?
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Default Product pages and layout need work

These pens are fantastic! I am a huge pen lover, and right now I'm drooling over the industrial pen, industrial style being something I'm really into. (I wish I could afford this pen, believe me, because I would buy it right now.)

I'm far from an expert but I'll say this, the layout of things does not look professional, and I know that a professional look can be easily achieved. You just need to play around with the different design options.

Are you building this site on a computer or laptop? Or do you use a tablet? Because it kind of seems to be that you are seeing a different layout, something you would see on a scrolling device.

The content is not centered, and is too small. It should, no matter the screen size, adjust itself to whatever size screen you are seeing it on. So I don't know exactly what's going on there.

But if you go into your dashboard and then Design, you see the different layout options. Play around with those and see what fits your needs.

When you scroll down on the Design page you get to Product Page Design. Same here, try different layouts.

It's also always a good idea to look a site you're building on different devices, different size laptops, different types and sizes of smartphones and tablets, just to make sure.

The product pictures need to be increased. For instance, you have different color options but no pictures of those other colors. You can't really expect someone to shell out $300 for a pen in a color that they haven't even seen.

Upload pictures in all the color variations, and pictures from different angles. And since your descriptions are so detailed which is really great, you might want to consider to have one picture with arrows that points to the different parts you are describing, or maybe a diagram that shows exactly what's what.

Pictures sell products, they say. And in this case, with quite pricey products, I think more pictures would definitely be in order. It reassures people that they know exactly what they are buying.

Also, since you are giving a phone number, I would put this number on the front page on top the way it's usually done. The reason is that this is an incredible sales tool. A phone number gives instant credibility. It's a waste to bury it on the contact page.

That's all I can think of right now. I hope I didn't discourage you. You have an incredible advantage over most of us: you have a unique product that you make yourself and that's awesome. All you need is spruce up your site a bit so that people have confidence buying.

Take care now!

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Thank you for your input. Yes I have built the web site from my business computer. I do use a third party software. I will be review the pictures. If you are interested in the industrialist I do have a discount code you can use Family25 this gets you 25% off the selling price. I have a pen show coming up in Philadelphia next weekend. I have over 62 color options to choose from on certain pens and even custom colors you can think up. Alan
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