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Google Feed

Last week I noticed my adword clicks didn't match with my analytics sessions so I started investigating and found my google merchant feed had the wrong URL listed for my products, if you go to the address on the feed it just brings up a completely white screen with nothing on it. For some reason its adding #!/ to my store address instead of /!/. I have tried several different addresses and it always adds the #! after them. I've had my store up and running for over a year and haven't had any problems with the feed up until now. I don't know if it has anything to do with WIX, as WIX is finally issuing SSL certificates to sites that request them and mine is one of them and that happened around the same time. I have manually corrected the links in the xml file, uploaded the corrected xml file to google merchant and paused the auto fetch for now. I would like to get this corrected if possible as it is nice to not have to do anything if I add a new product or change a price of something.

The link for products should be https://www.kmsheetmetal.com/online-store/!/

Here is a screen shot of the google feed generated by ECWID

Here is the link to xml file created by ECWID


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