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Lightbulb Inventory and Sales Excel Spreadsheet Workbook V2.0 | Clean Integration with Google Merchant Center | Integration with Sharepoint and or Skydrive

-___-----___----- CXM's Master Inventory and Sales with Google Merchant Download Excel zip file at the end of this post __----__-----__-

Ok, I am creating a 6 video YouTube tutorial so I am going to be light on the words if you know what I mean. VISIT THIS THREAD FOR THE ORIGINAL SPREADSHEET INFORMATION regarding Version 1.0:

Version 2.0 does the following:

-- Removes Data Validation so Excel file can be successfully uploaded to Sharepoint or Windows Live Skydrive to open online via Microsoft Web Apps for Excel (I am upset to have to do this but it was the only way)

-- Adds all parameters for the "Stringent Guidelines that Google Merchant Center will enact as of September 22nd 2011 of this year." fields such as id, title, google product category, image link, shipping weight, etc...

-- Enables the Final Spreadsheet entitled GoogleMC (for Google Merchant Center) to be saved as a Tab Delimited File / txt so that it will be viable for Google Data Feeds Products Submission. <<< The MOST ACCURATE AVAILABLE

-- Removed dead data and cleaned up monthly sales sheets

-- Provided a 6 + (3 Sharepoint and Windows Live Skydrive Videos) video series on youtube explained exactly how the product spreadsheet works and how you can use it with Google Merchant Center and Sharepoint.

Please Note: The first 3 videos are for the previous version 1.0 and are worth watching to learn how to use the spreadsheet in general. <<< Video 1 <<< Video 2 <<< Video 3 <<< Video 4 <<< Version 2.0 Begins here <<< Video 5 <<< Version 2.0 <<< Video 6 <<< Version 2.0 <<< Video 7 Bonus Sharepoint Video <<< Video 8 Bonus Sharepoint End Video

-- Designed it to be future proof for future enhancements and other product submissions such as Ebay, Bing, and more.

With that said, I know that there is other alternatives out there for data submission to google via Ecwid and another entity. In the end I created my version and workaround because of these reasons:

1. I needed something that is the most accurate and holds the best standards for Google Product submissions.

2. I needed something that will work with the inventory and sales workbook that I have already created. I.e. do work as efficiently as possible.

3. I needed something that is future proof and will allow me to integrate with various product submissions besides Google and Ecwid. I.e. Bing will come online shortly.

With that said, I would love for someone to take the work I have done and figure a way to integrate it with Ecwid in some way. An idea I have is this and seems the most rational.

I have made a formal request that Ecwid integrate the ability to take this spreadsheet and use it for Ecwid product submissions as well. This workbook now follows in line with Google Merchant Center product submissions data feed.

Hopefully Ecwid will recognize the usefulness of the spreadsheet and determine if it is worth while to parallel the information into Ecwid as well.

The advantage here is clear. Proposed Workflow as follows:

You get your inventory >>> You input it into the spreadsheet >>> You save a .txt file (or .csv file) >>> You submit to Ecwid >>>> You load your pictures >>> Ecwid returns a .txt file or perhaps xml file >>> You use that file for your Google Merchant Center Data Feed >>> Products go onto Google and Ecwid Seamlessly!!!

As of today, the workflow is as follows:

You can create the .txt from the Excel workbook file and use that .txt submission for your Google data feed. Everything else concerning Ecwid you do on your own separately.

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

excel, inventory, quickbooks, sales, sharepoint

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