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Shipping for envelopes

Good day everyone! Looking for info on how to set up shipping for smaller items that can be mailed via a first class stamp in the US.

my store contains largely stickers which are very easy to mail via a simple envelope and a first class stamp (USPS). i am having trouble figuring out how to actually reflect that in the shipping options.

i am trying to:
- add a fixed shipping of about $1.50 for example...
- cost $1.50 whether they buy one sticker or several dozen...
- have no additional shipping added if added with an item that has higher shipping rate (like a boxed package)

i feel like i'm overlooking something but am a little overwhelmed with the options. thanks for any help!
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Hi! I have replied to you by email, but I decided to post this answer for all.

Let me explain how shipping works in Ecwid now.

Your store will try to "pack" all the items in one parcel using the weight and dimensions of the products and pass this information to the shipping company to request the list of all the possible ways to ship such an order. So, for example, if I add a pair of jeans and different quantities of stickers (all with realistic weight and dimensions, of course), here are which combinations of the USPS Priority Mail 2-day cost I get:
  • Stickers (1-8) — $0.5-$0.9
  • Stickers (9-10) — $1.1
  • Stickers (11+) — $6.7
  • Jeans — $7.9
  • Jeans + 1 sticker — $7.9
  • Jeans + 10 stickers — $7.9
  • Jean + 20 stickers — $7.9

So the stickers do not add any shipping cost if shipped with a larger product. And the shipping cost for stickers only seems to be reasonable unless they exceed the limits for the envelope. All this makes sense if you ship all in 1 package — the stickers are very thin and have smaller dimensions than jeans.

We recently added a possibility to choose their own shipping methods for each product. You can set up different shipping methods for jeans and stickers: USPS parcel for jeans and USPS letter (or a custom weight-based shipping method) for the stickers. Though, in this case, the store will only show those methods at checkout that are available for all the products in the store. If the store does not find any common shipping methods for all the products in the cart, it will show the following message:

Your shopping cart contains items that are shipped in different ways: there is no delivery service that can ship all the products you have chosen at once. Please remove items from the current cart until you see a delivery method. Then place a new order with the items you previously removed.
This is the first implementation of different shipping methods for each product. We will go on improving this feature so that there would be more options offered at checkout rather than just removing some items.

Meanwhile, I'd suggest using the shipping set up based on weight and dimensions with carrier-calculated shipping like USPS described at the beginning of this email — it will calculate the most accurate shipping rate for your case. You can add a shipping markup of $1-2 to cover for the cost of the lightweight products should they be included in the order. This markup will be added to any order though.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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