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Buy X Get Y Promotions App

Hi, Everyone!

I’m from Simcase team. We developed several applications for the Ecwid platform. Now I’m starting a development of one another great app - "Buy X Get Y Promotions"! It allows BOGO promotions in Ecwid such as "Buy One Get One Free", "Buy 2 get another half off" etc.

We want to develop cool apps that will be useful for people, but we not always did what you expected. We are sad about this.
I want to change that in the new app. I want to make a "Buy X Get Y Promotions" together with you to accommodate your needs and make useful and desired application!

Our plans:
  • Start a demo application (it is just a prototype and does not affect the storefront or buyers)
  • I’ll tell here about the development process
  • I'll update the demo application iteratively
  • I would ask for your opinion how to make it better
  • We will start a public beta

UPDATE: We have released the app, many thanks to all who did helps us with development!

I am glad to answer any of your questions here or by email contact@simcase.ru.

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I'm happy to announce that the initial version of the application is ready and tested, and we are opening beta testing for it!
Many thanks to everyone who took part and told us about their expectations from the app at the very beginning!

I want to say a special thank to:
* Anna Gorodetskaya http://trusbox.ru/
* Dmitry Kravitsky http://pet65.ru/
* Alexander Plyushchev http://piterprof.com/
* Ekaterina Mikhailova https://www.almine.ru/
* Carlos Carvalho http://www.prometheuswatch.com/
* Georgina Sasha http://shop.georginasasha.com/
* Maria Weisgarber https://www.pollystretch.com/

You give us inspiration and drive. We couldn't have done this without you!

Unfortunately, not all the wishes we could take into account in the early version, but we remember everything and will work on it in the development process.
In the future, we will design the mobile version of the app's dashboard, and we will gradually improve the application based on your wishes.

If you miss something else that is important to you, tell us. So we will understand your needs and the features will appear earlier.

During the beta test, the application will be free, then we will publish it to the Ecwid App Market.
All beta testers will receive 3 additional months of free use of the final version!
After that, the same application will be paid at the price of App Market.
Before that, we will certainly warn you by email.

Thank you for attention!

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