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Carrier-Calculated + Free Shipping


I'd trying to offer carrier-calculated shipping rates on orders below $79.99. With orders $79.99 and over, I want to offer free shipping.

In the SYSTEM SETTINGS, I have two shipping profiles set up, one that links to my carrier and another that is a CUSTOM TABLE that has the RANGE from 79.99 and up set to "$0".

However, I'm noticing some problems. First of all, and most importantly, if I add a number of small items in my cart that eventually total $79.99, carrier shipping IS still calculated. Secondly, while shipping is correctly calculated to "0" if I first add a product that is 79.99 or over, if I next add a smaller item to the cart, then take the 79.99 item away (so far, so good.. as carrier calculation kicks back in), when I then add the 79.99 item back in, shipping does NOT go back to "0".

The order I have in SORT in SYSTEM SETTINGS is the "Free Shipping" Custom Table followed by my carrier-calculated settings.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks so much in advance for anybody's help.
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The range based table method will not affect the carrier calculated method. Those two are separated. The carrier calculated one will always be showing, even if the free shipping becomes available. So, what you need is to label the free shipping method the more compelling way and put it in the sorting order above the carrier calculated methods.

Going forth and back between the shipping selection page of checkout and the product list for buying more is not typical for real Ecwid customers, according to our studies. However, the shipping method selection, whatever it was on the shipping method selection page, is preserved, just like the other forms filled by buyers in Ecwid. Hence, if the customer once was on the shipping selection page and had some shipping method available (and thus selected), and then goes round for more products, then to the shipping step of checkout again, the previously selected method will be selected still. The more eye-catching name for the free shipping may help resolve this situation too. All in all, the customer left the checkout at the shipping step for some reason, which could easily be the shipping rate they see, so they are definitely already paying attention to it.
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

carrier calculated, free shipping

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