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How can a user in my 'custom website' shop log out??

So I know there are like 100 topics on this.
Most of them however are from 2011-2014.
Some link to another topic with a "solution" but that topic has been removed.
(Yeah I checked about 200 hits on Google, all of them are the same: either no solution, or a link to a topic that cannot be found).

So here I am, asking this once more:

I know I can redirect people to a login page by doing

However, once a user has logged in (by generating a login link and clicking it - I don't see a way how a user can create an account with a password?), there is no way for them to log out again!

So what I need is an API call/method to make the user logout from their customer profile on (and to delete the cookies associated with this).

Is there an API method to do this?

By the way: I do not have SSO enabled since I'm a free user (for now).
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