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CSS for customer fill-in boxes

Hi, I am integrating my ecwid account with wix, and since I set the font to white, it means what my customers fill in is not visible as my fill-in field boxes are also white- is there any way to either change the colour of the boxes, or make the font in the boxes another colour? I don't know how to code! Thanks.
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The column-fill property specifies how to fill columns, balanced or not.

HTML Code:
.newspaper1 {
  column-fill: auto;

.newspaper2 {
  column-fill: balance;
Default value. Fills each column with about the same amount of content, but will not allow the columns to be taller than the height (so, columns might be shorter than the height as the browser distributes the content evenly horizontally) www.mybpcreditcard.com

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customer fill-in boxes

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