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Shortcomings with ECWIDs Combo Model


Let's review ECWIDs short-coming with using combos.

In order to create a combo (where you have a dropdown that lists the various size options, in our case) of a particular product... you can't have all the size options of a particular product as unique products in the product list. You can only have a "base" product, and then from that base product, you can create size options (and unique SKUs that won't appear in your product list).

O.k. Well, the shortcomings to that model is;
Besides not having a complete product list... You can't apply a discount coupon to any one of those combo items. It has to be a unique product in the product list. You can apply a coupon to a specific product, but it can't be applied to a combo item because the combo item does not exist in the product list! Can't get there from here, folks!

Next. Same problem occurs when trying to apply a sale price to a specific item in the products' combo list. You can only apply the discount, aka "Compare To" discounted price (where the original price is strike-through and the discount price shows) to the base product. You can't do the same thing to any other item in the combo list.

So, the only real way to use the product-specific product/size coupons is to break out that product/size to the product list and remove it from the combo list. And, the only way to show discounted prices (where you have a "was" price and a "now" price) is to, once again, break out the item as a unique product in the product list... But, that prevents you from using that product/size in any combo list!!!

What you are left with is a very narrow ability to be flexible with your products and pricing. You are pretty much forced to either don't do anything fancy with your pricing and keep the ability to show variations of a product and its various sizes... OR... make each product and it's various sizes a unique line item in your product list and forget about using combos, and live with duplicate items in the shopping cart, just with the various sizes being the differentiating factor.

The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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