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Originally Posted by Vit S. View Post
Hello! Sorry for the delay.

Were those orders made via PayPal? If the payment system doesn’t redirect customers back to the store page after they made the order (if they don’t click on “return to store” button) the store “doesn’t know” that they made a purchase thus leaving the products in the cart as if the customer just left it and didn’t buy anything.

There is no need to worry for the payment system sends a callback to your Ecwid store and the order status will change anyway.
PayPal has an option to auto return customers to the store. You can find it on your PayPal account Profile → My selling tools → Website Payment Preferences page. Please check out this article for details:

If those orders weren’t made via PayPal, please give us the numbers of the orders for further check.
We using credit card payment via

Here is one of order-
{“vendorOrderNumber”:”65″,”subtotal”:2 5,”total”:25,”email”:”support@topmarketi”,”externalTransactionId”:”LEb xWj7rgH9fQFE39C1YqyMF”,”paymentModule”:”Sq uare”,”paymentMethod”:”Credit Card”,”tax”:0,”ipAddress”:”98.203.155. 66″,”couponDiscount”:0,”paymentStatus”: PAID”,”fulfillmentStatus”:”AWAITING_PROC ESSING”,”orderNumber”:65,”refererUrl”:”2016-05-09 21:57:38 +0000″,”updateDate”:”2016-05-09 21:58:09 +0000″,”createTimestamp”:1462831058,”updat eTimestamp”:1462831089,”items”:[{“id”:80158502,”productId”:64025354,”cat egoryId”:-1,”price”:25,”productPrice”:25,”sku”: $25 per post”,”quantity”:1,”shortDescription”: Reach out to potential candidates and jobseekers with your company logo nand short message posted on our site for 12 mo…”,”tax”:0,”shipping”:0,”quantityI nStock”:0,”name”:”Option 3″,”isShippingRequired”:true,”weight”:0, ”trackQuantity”:false,”fixedShippingRateOnly ”:false,”imageUrl”:””,”smallThumbnailUrl”:””,”fixedShippingRate”:0,”digi tal”:false,”productAvailable”:true,”coupon Applied”:false}],”billingPerson”:{“name”:”Dwight S Harris”,”companyName”:””,”street”: 4824 Alger Ave”,”city”:”Everett”,”countryCode”: ”US”,”countryName”:”United States”,”postalCode”:”98203″,”stateOrP rovinceCode”:”WA”,”stateOrProvinceName”: ”Washington”,”phone”:”425-905-5487″},”handlingFee”:{“value”:0},”addi tionalInfo”:{“PaymentURL”:””},”paymentParams”:{ },”hidden”:false}

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

checkout, paypal

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