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Copy Ecwid store to another page in WIX

Hi there.
This is the situation. I have english language website made on Wix. Store is working perfectly. Now I made a copy of all pages to translate into German. All pages are ok except Store page as its no any "copy" options. So I just created a new page but i still can not connetct my store to this page. Any options, Guys? Thx
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The official App for Wix is so "primitive" that it allows adding only one Ecwid store to Wix website and if you need many (for different countries/languages) you have to open new Ecwid accounts for other languages and to use direct Ecwid Widgets not the official App for Wix.
You can use the HTML element to embed code onto your WIX site.
To add HTML code:
Click Add 
on the left side of the Editor.
Click More.
Click HTML Code, or drag it the relevant location on your page.
Click Enter Code.
Enter the Ecwid code.
Click Update.
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