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Data analytics service provider, Data analytics solutions

Zigna Analytics offers data analytics consulting services. Our data analytics services helped clients to transform data into information that profit to business. Every business is ambitious about its growth. The few businesses that are able to actualize this mighty vision successfully, leverage realistic, actionable insights obtained through Data analytics services to understand market trends, buying patterns, and the subsequent changes they may need to implement. Data is available in abundance. We need to know what to look for. To initiate this process, we define the data requirements of the business and the problems to be addressed. A business analyst is involved to quantify available data, and help identify KPIs and objectives early on. We are top Data Analytics Service Providers.

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SAP is one of the leading giants in Business Intelligence. The company’s SAP HANA is widely powering in-memory data marts and data warehouses.


ScienceSoft, a Texas-based software development solutions and services provider, offers solutions to enterprise and middle-market customers across multiple target industries.

Oracle is an integrated cloud applications and platform services. The company focuses on augmented analytics, leveraging natural language query and chatbot integration to deliver efficient customer experiences.


E-commerce giant Amazon’s AWS offers over 50 services to store, process, and visualize data. The company also offers Amazon S3 for object storage, Amazon Glacier for backup and archiving, and AWS Glue for data cataloging. myaarpmedicare

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

data analysis, data analytics, data science, data visualization

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