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Controlling product option stock when variations are too complicated?

Mods: I'm posting this again since the text in the post I just made isn't showing for some reason. Please delete the other post I made of the same title.
Here's the scenario:

Let's say I sell an energy drink which has 20 flavours. Normally the price is $10 per can. However, I want to do an offer of any 5 cans for $20. And I want to do this whilst keeping track of stock levels of each flavour.

This kind of offer is very common, but I can not see a practical solution using Ecwid.

Can anyone give me some advice as to how to do this? These are my thoughts...

Voucher code:
This could work if you could limit the voucher code to products from a specific category AND a subtotal from the same category. For example: List all 20 energy drink flavours as separate products then create a voucher code for a discount of $30 when using code 'xxx' - limit to energy drinks category and subtotal of $50+ from the energy drinks category. However, applying a subtotal to a specific category is not possible.

Product Variations:
I could create a single product 'Energy Drink' priced at $20 and have 5 separate options: Can 1: [20 flavours], Can 2: [20 flavours] etc... so this way they could choose the 5 different flavours they want, 1 flavour per option. It is possible to then add product variations to control stock BUT...the number of possible variations in this scenario is simply HUGE, over 40,000 variations of 5 from 20 are possible! So this will not work.

Minimum purchase quantity from a category
Another idea is to create a new category 'Energy Offer' and list each flavour as a separate product and reduce the price of each can to $4. This way buying 5 can will equal $20 - but this won't work since it's not possible to impose a minimum purchase quantity for a category.

I have tried to figure out a practical solution, but I can not find one. Our site has these kind of offers frequently but we can not keep track of stock so this is really important to us.

Can anyone help to find a solution?
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Thank you for contacting us! My name is Charlie.

Basically, you have mentioned all possible solutions except for three more:
  • Bulk Discount Price

    You can create a separate product, the promotion offer. Each flavor will have a variation tied to it for stock control. If you have, say 20 flavours, that equates 20 variations to control those 20 flavours' inventory.

    You can set a Bulk Discount price for that product like this:

    Please, check this article for details on Bulk Discount prices:
  • Buyable links app

    Buyable Links is an app from the Ecwid App Market that can help you share a link to a cart page of your store with preselected products.

    So, you can build a bundle with any 5 flavours of your energy drink from your catalog, specify their quantity and get a ready link for sharing. Once clicked, visitor will go to your store's cart page where those products will be automatically added to their cart.

    It's not fully qualified to be a solution in your situation, but I think, that's something you might use.
  • Customisation service

    And, of course, there are always our customisation specialists. They can build an app for you, that will make what you want possible through our Custom Discounts API. Just fill out this form below with your request, and our customisation team member will follow you up with a quote.

    The form:

Hope, this helps!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.


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