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Intergrating non-ecwid products into shopping cart

Hey there, im not sure I posted this in the right section but if anyone could help out I would very much appreciate it.

We have used ecwid for quite sometime and have been very pleased. Recently we created a new silver account for a different selection of products. While we will be adding our own to Ecwids product catalog, (and the test products work as they should, add to cart etc. -- everything works as it should)


However, the problem I am having is that we have an amount of products that are not in our ecwid product catalog (it provided by another source) but would like to use the ecwid shopping cart to process all the order and when someone clicks add to cart on their supplied product it also will go to the ecwid cart. Here it the url

If you use the drop down menus to find a product, click add to cart -- it does not carry over a product. Can we do anything to make this work?

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and my apologies for writing so much text.
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Default Adding additional to parameters to cart

Hello there, I am interested in adding additional parameters to the Ecwid cart via a PHP Script or Javascript function.

Basically I need the Ecwid cart to collect information from a third party javascript application which uses these parameters: arisku, ariqty, ariprice, aribrand and arireturnurl and in the end send this information to the shopping cart. The demo link can be found here

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? I am also using the wordpress platform
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In Ecwid, you can add your products in your control panel and sell them through your storefronts. If you have some 3d-party products that you want to sell through Ecwid, you will need to create copies of those products in your Ecwid store and forward your customers to the corresponding product pages in your Ecwid catalog so that they will be able to add a product to the cart and proceed with the checkout using Ecwid widgets.

If the products provided by another source need to be separated from the regular ones in the storefront and need to have different settings (such as shipping rates and taxes), you can put them in a separate category and define specific settings for them in your control panel. It is also possible to have several storefronts and place different groups of products on different pages (or sites) using the technique described in this article:

If you need to connect your Ecwid store with 3d-party database somehow (for example, for order/inventory tracking), you can use Ecwid's APIs in your custom applications. Please refer to this article for the details:

If the mentioned features meet your requirements and you decide to upload those products to your Ecwid store, you can consider using of our CSV import feature, which will help you to upload the products quickly:

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Matt K
Ecwid Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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