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Originally Posted by James Guinn View Post
Eventually, Google did index some of my Ecwid site, but not through the Google Webmaster Tools Search Console. There, it just continued to say the format of the sitemap was html and not an accepted sitemap format.

I decided to move my site from Ecwid to BigCommerce (www.hobbygreenhousegrowers.com) where I have had another ecommerce site for 2 years(www.moonshadowsfarm.com). The reason I signed up for Ecwid was the widget feature. I wanted to list this store as part of my forum. Now, I am linking from my forum to the BigCommerce site. All in all, I feel I wasted my $150 on the Venture plan. Don't get me wrong, I like Ecwid..very easy to use...versatile.....but, not a good site for SEO, IMO.
Hello James,

This is Stacy from Ecwid Customer Care team.

Thank you for your feedback! It is much appreciated. I'm very sorry to hear that you are considering to go.

The thing is that Ecwid is 100% AJAX application, meaning that all the store content is delivered to visitor's web browser by means of Javascript. Javascript can be executed by crawlers, which in practical terms means that Ecwid store pages are now indexed like any regular HTML page (i.e. no additional action is required). So, Ecwid itself is absolutely indexable. I'm very sorry, I can not say how long it'll take to index all the store pages. Only Google knows it.

I would recommend you to check what could go wrong with your site via Google Webmaster Tools. Add your site there, verify it and then you will be able to see what blocks the indexation.

As for the sitemap. You may want to create a separate sitemap for your site and for your store. In this case, you can use Sitemap generator app: generate the sitemap for your store and upload the file to any hosting to get the direct link to this sitemap. Then, you can add links to both sitemaps to your robots.txt file.

Also, here you can find some useful information about webmaster tools:

1) How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign
2) How to use Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console

Also, I’d like to advise you this article about some measures that in most cases lead to better SEO.

I really hope it will help!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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Hi Stacey,

Thanks for your reply, but after reading it, it is clear either you did not read all my posts in this thread, or you do not understand the problem.

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