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Originally Posted by RDL View Post
Lana, can you tell me why this would be popping up?
i just placed an order myself and it went through, but still gives the error.
(ive had 3 orders the past week that have 'failed', so figure something is not right.)
thx! - Ryan

Hi, Ryan! I have checked your settings, everything seems correct. I have done the full checkout in your store and it worked well:

We have examined your latest orders and those that have declined status. Totally there are 3 declined orders:
Order #10273 - this order was returned by PayPal with Declined status. Particularly there was this error
15005 Processor Decline
This transaction cannot be processed.
The transaction was declined by the issuing bank, not PayPal.
The merchant or customer should attempt another card.

Order #10274: PayPal returned error “Failed AVS check”
Order #10275 - Failed AVS check as well.
AVS stands for Address Verification System, this check is an extra security measure to prevent unauthorized use of credit cards: when customer enters card information, the system verifies the billing address to be matched precisely the address issued to the card by the bank. If the check fails, the payment is declined. What it is: PayPal uses it as well. As I know you can disable it in your PayPal account. But I’d recommend keeping it.

Next, I examined your test order, that was recorded as accepted, however you received that internal error on checkout. I didn’t find any issues with the ordering process. Such an error may occur when the store dispatches one more request to PayPal with the same transaction details. For ex., you could double click on the “Pay Now” button. There might have been a conflict when the first transaction had been completed but then the system received the second query.
Thus most likely this is the only case. And those 3 declined orders are isolated cases because your settings and store are fine.

Please, let me know if any assistance is required.
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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