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Additional or Custom Ecwid Widgets

Hello, and thanks Ecwid team for such a great cart.

I love how easy it is to drop a widget into a template/theme position and have Ecwid fill that location with my desired store action. I just wish there were more of them to use. This would really help users customize their shop more, and also bring more features to the table to match what some other carts are offering now.

For example (forgive me if any of these have already been done in Ecwid):

Price Filter Widget
Product Comparison Widget
Product Slider Widget
Currency Change Widget
Best Sellers Widget
On-Sale Items Widget
Product Tags
Recently Viewed Product Widget
Recently Added Product Widget
Top Rated Product Widget

It would be great if we could customize our web pages with single item lists and fields of our choosing in layouts that we create. Like a widget builder, similar to a page builder, but for Ecwid widgets.

For example: a stack of single column of product thumbnails, item names and prices could work great as a vertical side menu for best sellers, most-liked, highest-rated, clear-out, seasonal items, or whatever we choose.

Or we could design a widget with variable photo sizes (S, M, L) and our choice of fields to create horizontal lists. Even cooler would be a slider where we could animate these lists left and right automatically, or on the push of a button.

Yes these features can be done if we use solutions like Zoo or K2, but then we have to duplicate those products inside the CMS, and link them to Ecwid. That's a lot of extra work and listing maintenance, just because Ecwid is too rigid.

That reminds me. I remember when there was an Ecwid product slider being developed for Joomla years ago, where did that go? And there were theme/template designers that beautifully and uniquely integrated Ecwid into their layouts... why so few now? You even ran a contest to encourage template designers to incorporate Ecwid... and not as an after thought.

I guess what I am saying is that I would love to see additional widgets to allow more user customization of Ecwid. I love Ecwid but I feel that more and more shops are looking identical because of the inability for users to easily customize the look and feel of our shops. Some additional widgets would really go a long way to change that.

Looking forward to your feedback on this
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Thank you very much for being our loyal customer and for your detailed feedback, we appreciate it a lot!

We are constantly working on adding new features to Ecwid. One of the main focuses of the last year was a redesign of Ecwid storefront - you can see lots of new design settings for product lists and product pages in Ecwid control panel > Design page, so they can be customized with ease. Also, as always, merchants can change store design further by creating a custom CSS theme and also by using our API.

We will think of adding more tools allowing to easily change the store appearance further, thank you very much for sharing your ideas with us.

> Price Filter Widget

We are planning to add filtering feature in Ecwid soon (there is no ETA for it yet, though). If you wish we can enable our beta version of the Filters feature for your store. Please let us know if you are interested.

Or you can add price filters using this approach , i.e. create search links with necessary price parameters and add these links on your site (or in the description of the Store Front Page in the store itself).

Besides buyers can sort products by price using the built-in Sort By option:

> Product Comparison Widget

There is no such a built-in feature in Ecwid, I'm afraid, and it doesn't appear to be demanded by Ecwid merchants as far as I can see. You can still add this functionality to your store with help of a custom programming and our API. We can help you with this within our paid customization service if you wish.

> Product Slider Widget

It is possible to use a slider service like Cincopa, to create a product slider, then copy the slider's code and paste it to a category/product description in Ecwid in HTML mode. Also, usually CMS themselves allows adding sliders to which you can link up your product/category pages so that a customer can click on a link in a slider image and visit the respective page. Please try it out.

As for the widget that you've mentioned, it was offered by a third-party developer for Ecwid merchants (paid accounts) on Joomla back in 2012 and as far as I can see they do not offer it anymore for some reason.

> Currency Change Widget

You can use the Currency Converter app to display your prices in different currencies (note that apps from Ecwid app market can be installed only on paid Ecwid accounts).

Also, there is a free Dynamic Converter solution that also can be used with Ecwid, please check it out.

> Best Sellers Widget
> Recently Added Product Widget

You can automatically display bestsellers and new products in your Ecwid store with help of this app from our app market:

Or you can manually assign products in your store to a special category named Bestsellers (the same product can belong to multiple categories in Ecwid). Recently added items can be found via the default Sort By filter as well.

> On-Sale Items Widget

It is possible to set up sale prices for products on paid Ecwid plans and such products will automatically get a bright On Sale label, so store visitors will see what products are discounted when checking them in the store front page and within your own categories. You can create a special category in your store to assign such products to it if you wish them to be gathered in one place.

> Product Tags

There is no such a built-in feature in Ecwid. Could you please describe how you'd like it to work?

> Recently Viewed Product Widget

Please consider using one of these apps from our app market:
Recently Viewed Products (free app)
Smart Recommendations and Recently Viewed Products (paid app)

> Top Rated Product Widget

You can collect reviews and see the statistics about top rated products with help of this app from our app market: Then you can assign these products to a special Top Rated category in your store (or you can use a page in your site to list the images of such products with the links to their pages in the store).

Hope it helps. Thanks again for your input, Pax.
Ecwid Team
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I've tried lots and lots of e commerce products, you name it, ( Wix Stores, site123 store, 1and1 store, Prestashop, shoperti, Kometia, Shopify, Squarespace) and haven't found a better one than Ecwid also the superb fast and polite customer service is unmatched, I'm currently using the filters beta on my store and its looking really good.
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I'm Edward from Ecwid Team.

On behalf of our whole team, I'd like to thank you for the feedback. We are incredibly happy to hear that you enjoy using our service. It means a lot to us!

Happy selling!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
More tips and hints on Ecwid use in Ecwid Help Center
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I have 3 categories and want to display 3 categories with a productbrowser category widget. If I add 3 widgets, only one is displaying content!I want to display all the three categories(Top rated,discount,new products)in the same page one after the another,how could i write widget code
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This is Vicky from Ecwid Customer Care team. Thank you for your message.

I'll be happy to help!

If I got you right, you'd like to add three categories to your website. When you add them to your online store, they will appear automatically on the Storefront Page. Please, look at the example (my test store:

In order to do this, please, follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Categories.
  2. Click on the + Add Root Category button.
  3. Enter name of the category and upload an image (optionally).
  4. Save tha changes.

That is all! Once you do the steps above, you'll create a category in your online store. Also, you can assign products to the necessary category. For this, please, open the Category Products tab and click on the Assign Products to Category.

Thus, when customer open any category, they will see products that are assigned to it. It will help your customers to find necessary product faster.

Just in case, here's the article with more information on how to manage categories in your online store:

Also, I can see that our agent Kenga agent Kenga already enabled the one-page catalog for your account ID 22416056. You can see the updated look-n-feel here

Please, check it on your end and let me know if any further assistance is required. I'll be glad to assist you further.

Ecwid Customer Care team.
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If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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