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Automatic Customer Follow up after sale...

Does Ecwid have a feature currently or in the works that automatically sends an email to a customer after a sale is made in certain intervals?

For example, if a custom makes as sale today on my site, is there a feature in Ecwid that will automatically send that customer an email at say two weeks after the sale...then 1 month after the sale..etc...?

This would allow for the customer to get price sales on items in my cart or maybe a reminder to purchase some more products. I know that there are other carts that do this in their free versions and was hoping that Ecwid had something like this also.

Thanks in advance....let me know when you can.

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Ecwid currently sends out the email notifications to the customer immediately after registering, making a purchase, or when the shop administrator changes this customer's order status. The templates for such immediate notifications can be edited in Ecwid control panel, System Settings → Mail → Customer notifications.

However, there is no functionality to send out recurrent personal email updates to the customers after some period since the moment of purchase. You can submit an idea to our ideas base if you want this functionality to be implemented in the future Ecwid releases.

Currently as a workaround you can use some custom programmed script to send out such recurring email notifications. Ecwid sends the administrator notifications about each purchase made, so the script can monitor admin's mailbox, catch such notification, parse the customer's address and the date of purchase out of them and schedule the recurring notifications based on the date of purchase.
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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