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Wordpress is SEO inline appears not to my work

I just upgraded to paid member, but I can't seem to get the inline seo to work. I read the knowledgebase file, I have checked inline seo in wordpress install and I tried to disable javascript to see what info I get. I get the "your browser does not support javascript" but there also is a link to the html version. so does that mean it works or not?

I can understand the browser will tell me that error message if I disabled the javascript. However, the knowledgebase said that if it didn't work then it would give me that message, not that it would have an html link W88 and link v9bet to the items. It said I would see an html version of the items, not that there would be a link to it

just want to know if it works like it is supposed to and how to fix it if it is not. The biggest reason I upgraded was so that search engines would actually "see" the items listed.

thanks you very much

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Hi there,

This is Elsa from Ecwid team. Thanks for your message!

As I understand you'd like to use Ecwid online store on Wordpress, if so please use the special Ecwid plugin, it's fully compatible with Wordpress. In this case, it doesn't require to use the Java Script. Once you have your Ecwid store installed with our official plugins on WordPress website, it is visible to the search engines by default and can be indexed just like any other static pages on your website. In a while, after the search bots crawl on your website, your catalog pages will show up in the search results and include the markup for rich product results. The detailed instruction and video tutorial on how to add Ecwid plugin on Wordpress can be found in the article below:

At the same time, the timeframe depends on Google solely, and it may vary between a few weeks to a few months.

As I see you created the Ecwid account on March 24, it takes time to index your site for Google. So your customers can find your online store in Google search results.

To check the site indexation, please use this a more specific search query: Such a search query will limit the results to show your product pages only, so you will know what store pages have already been indexed by Google.

Also, you can follow these steps to make Google discover your online store faster:

- Check your indexing via Google Search Console. To start using the service, you must confirm that you are the owner of your site.
- Help Google discover the right content on your site by adding your Sitemap to the Search Console
- Optimize your content to include information relevant to people’s searches.
- Regularly share links to your store on different social media and try to get other websites to post links to your store too
- Use Yoast Wordpress SEO that generates an XML sitemap with product and categories pages included and provides great tools to increase search rankings.

As it's done, the customers will be able to find the products using the Google Search tool.

If you have any questions free to write back. Thank you!
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Hi Elsa

I am use the special Ecwid plugin and setup success

Thanks you very much
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thanks elsa

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