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Using Ecwid purely for payment

Hello, I am currently working on a website using Wix which deals with the user making a payment based on the value inserted by me in the collection. The flow of the page is:

User Login > User Dashboard > Pay Now > Ecwid Payment (iPay88)

I've already contacted iPay88 for the payment solution and the told me that the method they use to integrate with Wix is through Ecwid.

So, my question now is, how do i make a system where the user will only redirect to Ecwid payment page through the iPay88 channel when they click a button. Also, how do i automatically sent the info needed for the payment to be inserted in the billing.
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I'm Edward from the Ecwid Team.

Thank you for the message. Let's try to sort that out.

Generally, the way an Ecwid store works is the following: you create an Ecwid store → add products → set up shipping, payments, taxes and so on → embed the store into your website page → customers place orders and pay for your products on your site.

So for the customers to go to the payment page (in your case, iPay88), they should add the products to the cart and proceed to checkout.

You should insert the value your customers should pay via the product properties (e.g., price, price modifiers). Then based on the products your customers have in the cart, the corresponding info will be sent for the payment to iPay88.

Also, you can control the value your customers are going to pay using shipping fees and discounts.

Summing it all up, you have a lot of options for adjusting the value your customers pay, but you should set up products so that they can check out and go to the payment page.

Hope this information helps.

If you have any questions, please let me know.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
More tips and hints on Ecwid use in Ecwid Help Center
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Hello Edward, and thanks for responding to me.

Okay. So, what I get from your response is that to make it works, I would have to make a product on Ecwid with various options with different prices that the user can select. But, is there any way that I can insert custom price for individual user? In my website, the price a user has to pay fluctuates each month and to create an option every time will be adding another work on my end. What I'm thinking is just that my team can just update the database for the amount needed to be paid by a user. Is there any way I can integrate that with Ecwid and Wix?
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This is Dexter from Ecwid team. Thanks for your question. Let's sort it out.

I've checked your store and I see that you sell Room rentals. So, you have different rental fees for different types of rooms - small, medium, big, etc.

As far as I can understand, you need to be able to adjust your pricing for each room every month.

If so, you don't have to create options every time. All you should do is to change the price modifiers as they change.

For example: right now a rental fee for a small room is RM850 and the next month it will be something else. So, you just go to Wix Dashboard > Apps > Online store, open Catalog > Products, open your 'Room Rental' product > Options and change the price there.

So, for your customers the flow will be the following:

1. They open your store, open the product "Rooms rental" and choose a room they need - a price will adjust according to the value you set up;

2. They walk through a normal checkout process and complete their order.

In case if you have a different workflow, please, give us more details and examples of it and we'll be more than happy to provide more information according to it. Thank you!

We'll look forward to hearing from you!
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Hello Dexter,

Yes, I am making a store for my customer to pay their rental. Okay, I think I can already solve the options issue by, as you have detailed, by making the prices into an option. The reason I wanted to refrained from making the prices into options is because my business currently has 20 different buildings with at least 5 different variation of prices for the rooms in each building. If I did make the options before, it will results in more than 100s of them.

Now, I am thinking of making each building into their own product with the rooms as variation which will be much easier to control.

Another thing, do you have any suggestion for methods to get the user data into a Wix collection once they complete their payment successfully?

The flow of my website originally planned as below,
User Login > User Dashboard (Where they can see their outstanding balance, Monthly Rental + Utilities) > Click "Pay Now" > Confirm their details > Payment Channel > Save details to a Wix collection, or database (on Success)

Now, I might have to change it to accommodate the cart,
User Login > User Dashboard (Where they can see their outstanding balance, Monthly Rental + Utilities) > Click "Pay Now" > Choose their rental details (Add to cart) > Confirm their user details > Payment Channel > Save details to a Wix collection, or database (on Success)

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This is Wade with Ecwid, here to help you.

As I understand it, you referring to the Database Collections on Wix, correct?

It may be possible to connect your Ecwid store with a Wix database using our API. You can find the documentation here:

If you need professional help with this you can hire a developer or get in touch with our Customization team by filling our this form:

Hope this proves useful to you! Let me know if any new questions arise, I'll be happy to help.
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Thanks for the solution. It really helpful.
RoadRunner email

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