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Default Stock Control in EcWid/Paypal Shop

Hello. I help maintain a website for an art center that offers classes to the local community. We offer a selection of classes for both children and adults, open to 10-12 participants as well as workshops which have more varied class sizes. Customers can pay in person with cash or check or have the option to register online with their credit card with the transactions going through Paypal.

Our latest website was built in Muse and is hosted through Adobe Business Catalyst.
It utilizes a shopping cart widget through Paypal that allows people to make purchases on-site and then check out with their credit card or their paypal account.

I have been looking into alternate builds for our storefront as our current widget doesn't allow us to control the amount of classes that can be purchases in total (or the stock). In doing my research, it seemed as though EcWid's Muse widget and Ecwid itself might allow for stock control and that we'd also be able to link our Paypal through EcWid so that we don't have to upend everything behind the scenes.

I'm hoping to find some people who have used the EcWid Muse widget and Ecwid itself in conjunction with Paypal and have some input? Even better if they've created website stores that required stock control and have experienced what EcWid is capable of. And would anyone be able to tell me if I could use EcWid to set a total stock of 10-12 (or whatever number depending on the class size), with price variance (we offer different price levels depending on membership and residence), that would then allow me to set up a store that could essentially run itself in terms of closing out when a class is "filled"/stock runs out.

Our current set-up requires a web tech to come in and alter the website (hide cart buttons, etc.) in order to make a class as "Closed" so that we don't get any further registrations for it and also hope they can make the changes before we get more sign-ups than the class can take (which is difficult during peak registration hours). It would be extremely ideal if the shop could maintain itself and that the cart buttons of classes that have been "filled"/all class spaces purchased would deactivate or otherwise not allow any additional customers to click them.

Can anyone offer some input on any of my questions? Thanks very much in advance.
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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