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addon option - want to be able to calculate shipping for this item - rather than use flat additional fee

Currently, I am offering a download of an item. I wish to include offering the physical media as an addon option.

However, the widget seems to support adding a flat price addition for that.

However, realistically, I would like to be able to calculate shipping for this item based on weight and destination.

Right now, the add-on item, seems only defined with a flat rate option.

Ideally, is there a way to add an invisible product that follows shipping and weight rules and reference it as an add on?


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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for reaching us out!

Yes, absolutely. You can achieve this using product variations feature which can be found in your Ecwid control panel > Catalog > Products > Product Details page > Options > Variations tab. I'll describe this in more detail below.
  1. Create a product and make this product not shippable by unticking the "This product requires shipping" option.
  2. Add to your product two options, e.g., "Downloadable" and "CD". I see that you already did this.
  3. Add to your product two variations: the first includes the "Downloadable" option and the second "CD".
  4. Make sure that in the "Downloadable" combo the "This product requires shipping" option stays unticked.
  5. Tick the above option for the "CD" combo and specify the weight.

That's all! Now, when a customer selects only the "downloadable" version, he/she won't see the shipping details page on the checkout process. In turn, if a customer chooses "a hard copy", he/she will see the shipping details page and according fields and methods.

Please mind that the "Product Variations" feature is available for paid subscriptions only, and, since you registered your Ecwid account via Wix, you should subscribe to the Premium plan. By doing this, you'll get not only product variations, also you'll get the ability to create up to 2500 products, tons of other cool features, and, last but not least, premium support including chats and emails.

By the way, while checking your store, I've noticed that in your control panel there are disabled two cool features. Just go to System Settings > What's New page and check out the "Improved printed invoices (receipts)" and the "HTML notifications". You should try them out.

Hope this helps! But if you have any further questions, feel free to ask them.
Cyril D.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

add on item, shipping

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