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For a Facebookshop, i need a www-Shop?

Hi, can i use only a Facebook Shop or must i have a shop with a www Adress too?
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Hi there,

It's Tonya from Ecwid Customer Care team here!

The Facebook Shop is a section of Facebook that allows you to sell the products on your Facebook Business Page. If the Facebook checkout is available for you, you might be able to use the Facebook Shop without having the online store and site. Please see more details about it here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2509359009104717

If the Checkout on Facebook is not available for you for some reasons you will need an online store where customers can buy the products and Ecwid can help you with that!

You can create an online store by registering at https://my.ecwid.com. That's okay if you don't have your own website to add the store there – we provide every registered Ecwid account with a free Instant Site with the store on it. Here's more about it: https://support.ecwid.com/hc/en-us/articles/207100069

Once the store is set you can connect the Facebook Business Page and sell your products there. Customers will see the products in your Facebook Shop and will be directed to your Instant Site to complete the purchase. Here's more about selling on Facebook with Ecwid: https://support.ecwid.com/hc/en-us/a...s/115005892705

Hope this helps!
Tonya M.
Ecwid Customer Care team
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Okay thanx
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I’ll give it a try. Would not have thought of that. Thanks!

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ecwid / facebook has taken a step backwards in my opinion

You can no longer shop / checkout in facebook - it seems the only option is you create your FB page and connect your ecwid store - THEN when it's working you will see a 'SHOP' page - you click on a product and the only option you then have is to click on is "check out on website" which then takes you to your website.

The beauty of ecwid was that you used to be able to shop in your facebook session and purchase - without ever having to go away from your FB session.

I dont know who made this decision , if it is FaceBook - then nothing we can do - BUT if ecwid made this decision - it is a a very very bad decision.

Hopefully someone from ECWID can explain why this was done.

It used to be so - that you could connect your ecwid shop to a facebook manually. But I was told this is only for legacy accounts. I sold ecwid to a customer based on what ecwid / facebook could do. I have a very upset customer now - not good at all.

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