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[TRY NOW] Edit Products in Bulk! Images, Product Variations, Attributes, Options, Categories and more!

Hello Ecwid User,

We are glad to present you the new version of Bulk Product Editor (v2) that you can buy now using this link *:
(the product description is not updated, but soon it will be)

* If you already have our subscription product (paid monthly), just "upgrade it", you will see an upgrade link the the top of it.

And here are the new features (all of them can be applied in BULK to a lot of products at once):

- You can update your product's pictures, gallery and files just DRAGGING AND DROPPING the images or files! HOT

- When adding options/choices now you can IMPORT them for another product and sort them too. HOT

- Have difficulties generating product variation one by one? Not anymore! You can now generate ALL POSSIBLE VariationS at ONE CLICK! HOT

- Now you can import change PRODUCT ATTRIBUTE's values at ONE CLICK! HOT

- Better search with filters like (Category, Attributes, Price, Availability, and more)

- Now you can pick products to change on any page of your search.

- Now you can change ANY product properties like Shipping Rate, Product Type, SEO metadata, Product Dimensions, Price, Compared at Price, and much more!

- Apply discounts using % values to be easy when dealing with sales, change bulk discounts rules.

- Add/Remove products from N categories at once.

- Add N products as related product to N products at once.

- Need to change some text on product name, description, SEO Title or SEO Description of many products? Now you can use our REPLACE TEXT tool to do that! And more, you can APPEND texts to the end or INSERT texts on the beginning of any of this fields.

See the pictures attached to check our new and clean interface!


Best Regards,

Smart IT Team

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

attribute, bulk, images, options, product combinations

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