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Display all product at Facebook tab

I already setup all my 6 products in Facebook page tab but how come it only displays 4 products?
How to make it to display all 6 products? And also the product arrangement order should be in predefined order
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This is Xena, Ecwid Customer Care Team. Thanks for reaching us out!

I’m very sorry for the difficulties and I’ll be glad to help.

When you connect your Ecwid online store to the Facebook business page, normally all of the enabled products in your online catalogue are displayed on the Facebook Shop tab.

If you see only four products out of six, two of them may be under Facebook review. To check if this is the case, you can go to Ecwid Control Panel → Sell on Facebook and see the availability status of all your Ecwid products uploaded to Facebook.

If all 6 products are listed on Facebook and there are still only 4 of them on your Facebook page, please send the following details at support@ecwid.com so I can investigate it more thoroughly:
A link to your Facebook business page;
The email address your Ecwid online store is registered with.

As for the the product order on your Facebook Shop tab, it’s the same as the order that you’ve arranged in Ecwid Control Panel → Settings → General → Cart & Checkout. Just in case, here is the article on how sort products in your online store:

Ecwid Customer Care team
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Make sure that you remove any unused tabs on your Page to create a good impression for Facebook users. If someone visits your Page while you’re displaying the Events app but haven’t published any events, for example, Facebook users see the message This page has no Events. This isn’t the kind of impression you want to make on people who visit your Page.

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