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Default How to sell goods in another currency?

How to sell goods in another currency?
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Originally Posted by Virgil Pulleine View Post
How to sell goods in another currency?
Hi Virgil,

It's Pixie from Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

Ecwid supports all the official currencies, so you can set up your currency in Ecwid Admin → Settings → General → Regional Settings. Find your currency in the Currency drop-down menu and set the necessary currency sign.

Please note, it's possible to use just one currency in the store, there is no multicurrency feature in Ecwid yet.

However, if you want to sell worldwide and display prices in your customers’ native currencies, we have a Currency Converter app that automatically converts your prices and shows them in the customer’s home currency in the storefront based on their geoposition.

Please note the app only displays the prices in multiple currencies. Your customers will pay in the main currency of your store at checkout.

Here is a direct link to the app: , please check it out.

If you have any further questions, please ask.
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When you look at the benefits, you will see that any business selling products and services overseas should consider using foreign exchange TelltheBell.
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