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Brand Attribute?

"I Really Like best skateboards, And So I DON'T Worry About Other Things"

Condition your complete name for that record, and thus the rest of the mags can learn how to spell it right.

My complete name is actually lengthy. I've two middle names. I simply stick to Alysson Castro it's simpler.

How lengthy have you ever resided in SF?

Irrrve never resided in SF. I usually just come here and skate and spend time with my pal Dan, along with the other Think guys spend time right here at Thrasher. Eventually I found Thrasher and a few guy requested me basically work here Because I come here a great deal.

Exactly what does NorCal have over SoCal?

Cold temperature, rough asphalt really, there's lots of stuff to skate. Personally i think weird after i come here sometimes. I do not get accustomed to it as being quick. SoCal, and right by the house, there' feel at ease. Basically harmed I simply go back home, get ice, or cry.

What is the first factor you are likely to order at Bob's new restaurant?

I'd order a plate known as Feijoada. It's created using beans and pork and sausage and a lot of meat stuff. I'm not sure how he's gonna get it done Because it is a vegetarian place, for it to be interesting to determine the way they allow it to be.

Are stickers for adornment or photo incentive?

For incentive.

What's one trick you need to pull in a famous place that's no more around?

I needed to drag a pop-shove nosegrind in the Presidio place. I came here two times to try and do this trick and also the before I came they required the rail off. I suppose I can not do this any longer.

Which pro, past or present, would you idolize probably the most?

I have always researched to Wade Speyer, obviously Mark Gonzales, Bob Burnquist, and my buddies at this time--all of the 508 guys like Take advantage of G, Danny Montoya, Chad Tim Tim, and Fabrizio.

Imagine you are on the deserted island. What can you bring an limitless way to obtain, falafel or homer pies?

I'll take falafel, but homer pies--I'll just say are unrefusable.

Irresistible. Bob Marley or even the Smiths?

That's pretty tough--Bob Marley without a doubt. I'll never get fed up with him.

Thrasher or Playboy?

I'll take Thrasher. I am a skater, I really like skateboarding, and so i don't worry about other things.

Camcorder or still camera?

I'll have a point-and-shoot. I love photos better.

Portable flatbar or vert ramp? how to turn a skateboard

For any desert island, I'll possess a vert ramp. I'll most likely become bored with only a flatbar.

Give me an idea to understand on the vert ramp?

I wish to learn huge backside ollies and Caballerials. Individuals are my dream methods that I wish to start learning on the vert ramp.

Chad Tim Tim or Chad Fernandez?

Chad Tim Tim obviously. He's my pal so I have got his back.

You think your sarcastic person?

I consider myself a critic, but what's not my company I do not discuss I'll stick to myself. Without having anything nice to state, don't express it whatsoever. That's what it's.

Let's say someone smells terrible, in the event you let them know?

Whether it's my pal, I believe so.

Who's a secret Brazilian that's approaching at this time?

I'm not sure an excessive amount of about Brazilian skaters Because I've not had the experience for some time, and I'm not sure a lot of. There is however my pal who got here, I did previously skate with him, I increased track of him. His name is Lucio Santos, but we call him up Lucio Bug. He's amazing and it has lots to provide skateboarding right here.

Do you consider it's more essential to lipslide a 30-stair handrail in order to frontside boardslide a ten-stair, but get it done with style?

People I love to see skate need to have some flavor inside it. It does not matter should you perform a 40-stair rail whether it comes plain. Should you choose anything that is included with a flavor, a method, different things, a click--that's how I love to view it. I love to see stuff from my buddies Because individuals are people I am so psyched on.

Who has got each of individuals things? The large guns to complete the large rail as well as the style and flavor you are speaking about?

Speaking about rails and...

Speaking about both like a package. They are able to go gnarly making it look great.

Austin Stephens. He has got the heart and he has got the design and style. Tim Tim gets the style, he's relaxed and that he is certainly amazing to look at.

What's your preferred Thrasher cover?

"Wade Burns Europe." You will know cover of Wade skating Marseille, France. That's my personal favorite.

Any parting words and thanks? how to ride skateboards

I wish to thank god, always, and I wish to thank my buddies, they are fully aware who they really are, and my sponsors--Think skateboards, Venture trucks, Universal hardware, Furnace skateshop. I have been getting footwear recently from I Path. Because of my buddies in South america. Dave Hoang. Because of Thrasher for giving the chance, and try to making me feel welcome.

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Hi there!

Alexandra with Ecwid team here, thank you for reaching us out.

It is totally possible to make the "Brand" attribute clickable in your store—it can be done with the help of a special app called "Clickable Brand". Once your customers click on the brand, they will see similar products of the same brand in your store.

The app can be found via the direct link here:

For more information about product types, attributes and related features, please refer to the article in our Help Portal: Product Types and Attributes

Hope it helps. Let us know if any other questions arise.
Alexandra Scully,
Ecwid Customer Care Team
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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