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Plugin Loading

Why does the store plugin takes so long to load on some sites?

I've been on some Ecwid showcase sites and it loads instantaneously.

Is there anyway I can edit my account settings to have my store plugin load faster?
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Thanks a lot for your question!

We understand very well your concern as the loading speed is crucial for many internet users. Please note that all the Ecwid stores are located on the same servers and they load very fast (you can check it on your Starter Site, which contains only Ecwid widgets: As for your site, please note that Ecwid loads only after all other elements on the page are loaded - all its HTML code and all the images, styles and scripts mentioned in that code and sometimes the assets that these scripts require - like subsequently images, styles or other scripts, or sometimes even audio or video files or other data.

Apparently, the other elements of the store page make the loading time longer. Moreover, after Ecwid widgets are loaded, the store works very fast - no page reloading is required for browsing the store so a customer gets desired content almost instantly.

Anyway, I totally understand your concern, so please let me give you some general recommendations on the matter.
Since, as I said above, Ecwid starts displaying the shop as soon as all the assets of the page are loaded, you should be wary of heavy widgets or heavy content on your page (e.g. 3rd party widgets, social share widgets, video/audio players, unnecessary big images and so on). they shift the moment when customer is able to use Ecwid on that page.

For example, the script with Live Chat loads for about 2 seconds (2000 milliseconds) (, which is rather long. And it is just one of the 53 elements that have to load before Ecwid elements can start loading. And Ecwid elements themselves are loaded in milliseconds (

The site might also load slowly on your end because of the slow internet connection. With the internet connection I have on my computer it takes about 5 seconds to load the home page of your site. How long does it take on your computer? If it takes considerably longer, the reason might be the slow connection.

In general, I'd highly recommend optimize your site pages in terms of the size and the number of elements on the page. Besides the store widgets, your shop page contains a lot of extra widgets, forms, images. Each of those elements increase the page loading time.
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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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