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Old 12-15-2015, 01:02 PM
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Default upgrading app 3 hours long on only one of three ecwid stores

I have 3 of my various Ecwid paid stores open today and am adding products to them
On one of them, about 5 aseconds before i published the product, the ecwid popup appeared saying "Please stand by we are upgrading our app" and ask me to refresh in a few minutes

However, i have been refreshing the page since over 2 and a half hours, and it is still blocking my work with a popup saying the app is being upgraded

What i want to ask is 'If the app is being upgraded, then why are my other 2 ecwid stores fine and not upgrading at same time? because the 'app' that is upgrading, is Ecwid server no? So why does only one of three stores 'suffer' the upgrade?

And why do they always come just in the middle of important operations?
If i were to count the times i have had to stop work and sit there frustrated watching the ecwid "update app" popup dialogue, and wait for ecwid to finish, so i can continue with my work and leave 'limbo stasis'

Ecwid is the best ecommerce solution, but if there is one bad worm in the apple, it is the fact that Ecwid constantly interrupts my work with this extremely bothersome issue of 'we are updating our app and we decide to hit you with it always just at the least convenient moment"

its always terribly inconvenient, for example when the post office is about to close and i need to print that order and rush out the door, but i can't, because 'Ecwid is updating its app please refresh page after your post office closes so your customer gets angry, because i have to send late despite them having paid extra for UPS express"

really slows my daily production quota down
I do try workarounds like go to paypal to get the address, but its all time consuming to use various portals to extract the data just because of constant and often updates, which are in all seriosity, bothersomely often.
Sometimes i am in the middle of having written for 5 minutes or more and added images and the page refreshes all of a sudden without warning, and all is lost.. start again. My friend who also uses Ecwid also thinks Ecwid is the greatest like me, but also complains about this issue. Ww cry in each other's shoulders all the time with sms rants every time it happens as therapy.

If i was selling 3000$ an hour and had 15 webmasters posting products all the time, this would cost me dearly. If Amazon Warehouses had to wait for the store to update 3 times a day for half an hour they would lose millions.
I dont sell that much, but i do sell well, and even on my level, i notice the influence the app update waits has on my business efficiency and the workflow

So the point is, there are potential snags in this issue if a business is selling very fast and constantly, and grows beyond a certain point. After such a point of growth, such delays would be very damaging to the potential sales quota and content posting quota of the store. I could have posted 2 products in the time i have been waiting for the Ecwid app to update

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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