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I'm New to Facebook Shop.

I want to open my Facebook store. What do I need for this? There is an account. And if someone has already set up their store, how are things going?
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Originally Posted by Mark Teplitskiy View Post
I want to open my Facebook store. What do I need for this? There is an account. And if someone has already set up their store, how are things going?
Hi Mark,

This is Wendy from Ecwid team. Thanks a lot for getting in touch with us!

I checked your Ecwid account in our database and found your online store. The store is located here: https://markbeauty.ecwid.com/

Before connecting your Ecwid store to Facebook, I'd recommend you to perform the following actions:

1. Delete sample products

I see that you haven't removed sample products from your catalog yet. Sample products are surfer clothes and we put them to every new Ecwid account just for demo reasons.

In order to remove sample products, go to your Ecwid control panel > Catalog > Products page. Tick a checkbox next to all products to be removed > click "Bulk update" button > Delete selected.

2. Set up your website

You can choose a design theme for your website and change its layout. Here's the guide for you: Configuring Instant Site design.

3. Add information about your business

The site visitors will trust you if you add more details about your business, add links to social accounts, etc. Here's the guide for you: Editing Instant Site content.

4. Change the link to your Ecwid website

You can change the link to your website and make it personal. Here's the instruction: Adding a domain to Ecwid Instant Site.

5. Set up shipping and payment methods

Also, you need to decide how to deliver the orders to your customers and collect payments from them. Then, set up corresponding shipping and payment methods in your Ecwid account. Please refer to these articles for more details:

- Choosing the right shipping method for your store
- Getting paid

Once you perform these steps, you'll be able to connect your store to your Facebook business page. Please use this instruction: Selling on Facebook.

The products will be imported from your Ecwid store and shown on the Facebook Shop tab. The inventory will be synchronized automatically. It means when you add new products, these products will be uploaded to Facebook on their own.

As I see you are using Ecwid Free plan. I’d like to offer you a 70% discount on your first month of service. Just click on the link, the discount will be applied automatically. You will have immediate access to the premium features and support chat upon upgrade.

I hope this will help. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
Help Center

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Hello Wendy,

I am sorry for hijacking this thread but just wanted to applaud your explanation. You have a very clear manner with words and the way you explained things is very readable and easy to comprehend. Perhaps, there could be a sticky with your answer? I am sure more people people could benefit from it and let's be honest, Facebook is not the most user friendly tool.

Thank you,

I work at ABN Companies Search

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