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How to avoid chickenfoot in skateboarding

When you skateboard, it is recommended to land with both feet on board. However, it is quite difficult for somebody, especially beginners, to be comfortable in doing this. For example, you have mastered ollie and kickflip techniques, but you still land with a foot on board while the other is not. This is a common issue that many skaters have while skateboarding. So what should you do if you are in that case? How can you avoid chickenfoot?

At least one foot is on the board

Landing on the skateboard with both feet is not easy, but at first, you need to make sure at least one foot on the board. If there is no foot landed on the board, it means that the skateboard trick you do is wrong, or you are afraid of falling down. There is no matter with that fear you have, it is not rare in this sport.

Some people even think that it is a good signal that you care about your safety and will skate with more discretion. But, you must know how to control your fear, like how to choose the right skateboard.

To begin, all you need is to take time to practice day by day until you are able to land one foot on your skateboard. Choose the foot to be the one you will put on the board, then land it on when you complete a trick. If you can not do this, there may be a mistake with the trick you are doing. So, try again and make sure you do it right.

Try to put the remaining foot on board

Now you are having a foot landed on the skateboard, it is time for us to do with the remaining one. You have a lot of things to do. The very first and easy-to-do solution is to practice day by day until you get this skill. It seems easy but in fact, this practice is quite tired and frustrating and requires people to spend enough time on it. That is the reason why you need to be encouraged and have someone to help when needed.

However, we believe that you can solve the problem by yourself. Whenever you have a foot on the board, try to control your body in order to keep the remaining out of the board, and you can land it on the ground instead. Let's practice to do this. In addition, let's have your bad foot on board, switch the position of the good and bad foot to be more active. In case your board is old and cannot bear with such actions, let’s build a complete skateboard.

You have a foot landing on the skateboard, and have practiced having the other one on the board, too. Now, try to put both feet on your skateboard. You have completed the above skills, so there is no reason you cannot do this, except that you are afraid of something. This fear is normal, however, you have to overcome it to achieve a higher level in this sport.

In case you still have some trouble while dealing with this issue, it is able to have something different. We highly recommend you to find a pro skateboarder to see and point out the problem you get, to know whether you are doing right or wrong.
Remember to ask them how do they feel while you land on the board, and get their opinions. It is helpful somehow, especially when you are a skateboarder beginner.

Don’t forget to enjoy your ride

People usually start their skateboarding to have fun, so it is important to enjoy the ride even though you have not conquered it yet. Be relax, take time to practice day by day and you will see your achievement shortly. If you are too tired of doing a trick, let's stop it for a while and try something else, then come back to it when you are ready. Find more advice at Skateboard Purpose Category.


Self-confidence takes an important part in skateboarding. Once you are confident, you can do something that you have never thought about before. Some of you while following our guidelines and tips above may have a thought like "What the hell am I doing?", but the more practicing you do, the closer you get to the goal. That is the key to do anything, especially when you try to avoid chickenfoot in skateboarding.

The final words

In the article, we have shown you basic knowledge of chickenfoot and how to avoid this mistake in skateboarding. In fact, it is not too difficult to do this, as long as you practice regularly and believe in yourself. If you find this article helpful, let’s share with your friends so they will get such information, and then you will have a team to practice, too. Now, it’s time for skateboarding! Enjoy it.

Find out more great articles about skateboard at:

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Originally Posted by claudineskilestrung View Post
I have set up ecwid on my website and online works great, really clear and easy to use. however it dissapears when you use it on a mobile device...

This is Camila from the Ecwid Team. Thank you for reporting the problem, I'll help you!

I looked over our database and found your account with the Ecwid site at However, I do not have the link to your site where you added your Ecwid store.

That would be better to have a chance to look into your site and check how you added Ecwid to it: via the integration code or via the plugin (we have them for certain site builders).

As about the mobile view of your store, I checked how your Ecwid site is displayed on mobiles and could see the store is responsive (see the screenshot

Could you please send us an email to and include the link to your site? Additionally, you can attach screenshots on how the store looks on your mobile.

I'll investigate what triggers the store not to be visible on the mobile view. We'll take care of this problem.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you!

Kind regards,
Ecwid Team.
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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