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Posting of a product on Facebook redirects customer to different external website


I have a weird thing happen where facebook redirects the customers to a different external website than listed under the product image.

The customers should be redirected to:
In most cases it does exactly that.

In some cases however, people get redirected to a different external location where the store is also hosted: (example)

How can this happen and why does it not send people structurally to the same location? This is confusing for people, especially since the website where it redirects to, is in a different language. What is also strange is that it seems to do this randomly for some items.

The facebook group is found here:

The above is one example but there are several items where this happens, in several groups.

I love to hear how this can be resolved.
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At the moment you're using Ecwid on three locations:

http://www.internationalspiritualexp...index.php/shop - this site is recorded as the Store Front URL

I've been able to repeat what you reported, please see the explanation of this behavior below.

When one comments on a product like "Elongated Smoky, Lodolite, Chlorite Quartz Crystal Skull (Rare)", the generated link appearing in the user's timeline will lead to this page:

If to comment, e.g., this product "Kundalini Awakening" the link in the timeline will open this page:

When user likes/shares/comments a product on the product page (via the Facebook social plugins that are integrated in Ecwid) Facebook generates special share links. The share links are supposed to take users to the corresponding product page. Share links of 'Likes' contain special referrer parameter which Ecwid can use to refer the user. However share links of the comments don't contain such referrer parameters; this is how Facebook designed it: Comments as well as links on the timelines aren't supposed to contain any referrer parameters.

So when we implemented the comments we needed to decide how Ecwid would know where to refer the user following the share link of the comments. As a result the following behavior was introduced:
If the product has been liked before, this action (together with the referrer parameter in the share link) is recorded in the database. When next time someone commented this product, Ecwid takes the referrer parameter from that record. As a result, the share link generated on the comment will open the product page from which this product was 'Liked' before.

Thus, your product "Elongated Smoky, Lodolite, Chlorite Quartz Crystal Skull (Rare)" was 'Liked' first at store, therefore when someone posts to Facebook on this product the generated link goes to

At the moment we're working on a new version of our Facebook application that will allow us to abandon this schema. It will be released with one of the next versions of Ecwid.
Lana W.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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Gina (11-23-2012)
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Hi Lana,

Thank you very much for taking the time to look into this and explaining why this happens. I appreciate it.

Have a great day,
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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