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Great social tools - facebook - plus the double content issue

I just wanted to say that i saw and initiated the social tools now and am very pleased with the result, allowing comments without having to make an app myself.

This is very good indeed, and has saved me a lot of work, because the apps is difficult to make comments apply to the page they were posted on.. my attempt left all comments made on separate posts and pages be all mixed together in one single comment box, so ecwids on board solution is amazing.

I dont understand the apps thing anyway i made one before, and then what do i have? a facebook like page for my site with 450 likes and an app page too?

so why have two? isnt that then confusing to have comments linked to a page for my app and a separate fanpage?
so i deleted it assuming such apps are for people with their own online gaming software or the like - i am not a software developer so cvouldn't find the use for it.

Funny how my fanpage can add like button widgets etc but to make a comment box on the apps section it then disregards the fan page i was on and tells me to make an app that has nothing to do with the fan page.
I then was confused as to whether the comments box will refer to comments made on my fan page, website page, or app page?

Im glad ecwid just gave me a short cut to this, thank you ecwid for this new extension.

Now allmy products can be posted to facebook with the like button and both description text and thjumbnail is shown on my wall!

This is great because till now, in order to get description and thumbnail to show on my wall, i was having to take all product texts and post them once in ecwid and then once in my blog post pages as a post, in order for facebook to pick up the data (ecwid main store is no-follow to avoud double content).

So this is beneficial that the on-board ecwid fb like buttons on products now are readable when posted to facebook, which is not the case if you just post the url to the product on your wall

By the way about the double content and no-follow

Because ecwids product descriptions etc arent seo orientated in the sense that they are read on my domain server, i am very worried about the double content issue, because i have been posting a product then copying the bhtml of my story and description and posting them on my wordpress and blogspot blogs insdtead to cacth search queries

But now i see if i check a search of a product title, then the mobile ecwid site does come up in google search results

This means although you dont let our products be readable on our site, you DO let them be readable on the ecwid server-hosted mobile version.

That is of course good for mobile searches, but hey how come no follow for anything on our server and do-follow for all on ecwid mobile websites?
Thats my only worry, but the facebook social tools are the biz - Thanks Again ecwid for this amazing sharing/marketing option
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

double content, facebook, no-follow, social tools

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