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Red face Google Adwords is terrible !!!

I am so tired of giving away my money to Google..... I think it is a rip off and you can almost NEVER speak to a real person. I wanted adwords to better my business instead in the last few years Google Adwords has just made money off of me @!!!! _ I admit I am not that computer savy when it comes to bettering my business and getting it OUT THERE so to speak so they saw me coming !!!. I am looking for a company that can help promote my business on the search engines and actually show mw results (with Sales) that I can pay. I need help !!! it seems like everytime I pay them - a few days later balance is low message is waiting for me in my mailbox any help or suggestions would be helpful ...


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go to
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It's not Google Adwords problem that you are not getting sales and that you're budget is not big enough for the keywords you are bidding on. I am Google Adwords Qualified Individual. If you want advice from an expert, please private message me and I'll do my best to help you out in any way possible.

What does your account structure look like? Are you bidding on broad keywords, phrase match, exact match? I would highly suggest using the broad match modifier for all keywords you are bidding on. I would do extreme organization with your campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

Do not blame this on Google, because it is not their fault, they create the bidding software for you to use at your own risk. They have free training tutorials available that give you all the information you need.

How long have you been using adwords?
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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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