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[SEO APP] ReloadSEO - Write better, rank higher and sell more with our SEO app

Hi folks!

We're pretty excited today because ReloadSEO is in "LIVE" for Ecwid and can be found in the app store.


With ReloadSEO you can do most of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing for your store yourself! Our app tells you how and what you need to optimize in the content of your store to start ranking better! You can find ReloadSEO at:

ReloadSEO is a must-have SEO app for Ecwid and offers:
  • Direct keyword research in Shopify (Google API)
  • Advanced meta description helper
  • Real-time content grader (see instantly how good your content is optimized for your choosen keyword)

Keyword research in Ecwid

Unravel the mystery of getting found on the internet. ReloadSEO makes search engine optimization easy for Ecwid owners. What keywords are likely to make you appear in Google rankings? Which keywords are your audience using? Which are keywords worth optimizing? The ReloadSEO app for Ecwid delivers live feedback on every article and product page. And it’s spot on too, thanks to the direct connection between ReloadSEO and the Google API.

Live content grader

It’s not just keywords. Get live feedback on your SEO writing with our extensive content analysis algorithm. We help you optimize categories, product pages, content and deliver loads of optimization options in between. Upgrade descriptions, pages, categories and meta descriptions. Always see how it scores. In real-time. ReloadSEO is the complete SEO app for Ecwid e-commerce shops.

Get a grip on your store's SEO

Instantly see which products need optimization, right from the product grid of Ecwid. Pick low hanging fruit and start optimizing your best selling or highest margin products today!

Real-time content analysis

Don’t like refreshing a category or product page? Neither do we. That’s why we built ReloadSEO into a real-time content analysis extension. The extension analyses and updates the ranking factors while you type.

We have been live for a while on other platforms and the results that can be accomplished with this app are pretty exceptional. In the shops of our clients we have seen:
  • Dramatic increase in conversion rate
  • More traffic from search engines
  • Better AdWords Quality score and thus lower advertising costs
  • Simply more revenue through organic traffic and overall traffic

This is because our app works with a point based algorithm that rewards you for great written content for your visitors and search engines. Installing the app can be done through the app store at

(screenshot of content grader in action)

Thanks, and we hope that you are just as excited as us!

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The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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