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Old 04-11-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Thai Buddhist Amulets View Post
Hi, I'm trying to get my store to load faster than it currently does... Could you please be so kind to have a look at and share your view on what could be improved in order to make ecwid load faster on my wordpress site (version 3.3.1 and using atahualpa theme 3.7.3).

Your advice would be greatly appreciated; thanks in advance!

(already did the 'simple store test' for my ecwid store and was pleased about the loading time, also checked the advice given in 'speed matters'. Have tried viewing my site in several different browsers (IE, Firefox and Google Chrome) and tried this on different computers and internet connections, but the results all seem to be more or less the same (approximately 8-10 seconds loading time)

As Eugene said earlier in this thread, Ecwid was initially designed to be a fast shopping cart. So we take such messages seriously.

I have checked your site. From my side, the pages loads a bit slow, but I wouldn't say it is significant. As you said, you've checked it in a simple-store version and it loads fast, it usually means that Ecwid itself loads fast on a merchant's site as well. Apparently, the other elements of the store page make the loading time longer. Moreover, as soon as Ecwid widgets load, the store works very fast - no page reloading is required for browsing the store so a customer gets desired content almost instantly. Anyway, I totally understand your concern, so please let me give you some general recommendations on the matter.

1. The visual "speed" of Ecwid's loading depends on how soon the page that holds Ecwid widgets is considered loaded upon opening. The thing is Ecwid starts displaying the shop as soon as all the assets of the page are loaded - all its HTML code and all the images, styles and scripts mentioned in that code and sometimes the assets that these scripts require - like subsequently images, styles or other scripts, or sometimes even audio or video files or other data. So you should be wary of heavy widgets or heavy content on your page (e.g. 3rd party widgets, video/audio players, unnecessary big images and so on) - they shift the moment when customer is able to use Ecwid on that page. In your case, pay attention to these three widgets on your store page:
- calendar (in the right column)
- "follow us" links (in the right column)
- Social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).

You can check how they affect loading time by disabling/enabling them on the store page. I especially recommend you to consider minimizing amount of social sharing buttons on the page. Each such button is actually an <iframe> tag - a webpage inside a webpage - and it takes a lot of resources from browser to render such thing. It also takes some time to load all such 'pages within a page' before the customer is able to use them or anything else. For example, as far as I can see there are two "general" Facebook like buttons on the pages of your site. I think it would be a good idea to remove one of them. Frankly speaking, such amount of like buttons don't look good for a visitor, especially on the store pages, which contain own like buttons. (Please also see below some recommendations regarding the like buttons inside Ecwid).

2. Like I said above, social sharing buttons, and particularly, Facebook like buttons, may affect the page loading time if there are many of them on the page. Thus, In Ecwid, displaying the Facebook Like buttons on the category listing pages can slow down the store - each category listing page loads as many Facebook Like buttons as there are products displayed on it. You can consider removing them from category listing pages and showing them on the product details pages only. Most likely, it will visually speed up the store page loading. In order to do it, switch the 'Like button position' to 'product details' in your Ecwid control panel (System settings → Social tools).

3. The pages of your site load external CSS and JS files that provide a functionality of different plugins and add-ons on your site. Technically, each inclusion like <script src="..."> or <link href=""> increases the number of HTTP requests to a server. Thus the more CSS or JS inclusions a page has, the longer it loads. That can affect your site loading time. So it is better to reduce their number if possible (for example, by combining some group of CSS files into a single external CSS file or by combining all of them in a single file).

4. As you probably know, Ecwid uses CDN widely to make the store loading very fast for any customer (What is CDN?). Moreover, the images of the stores of paid Ecwid accounts are also delivered via CDN to speed up loading even further. So, you can consider upgrading your account so that the products/categories images will load faster in your store.

Additionally, please refer to the following threads on our forum:

Hope these tips help you.
Matt K
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BSZ (04-11-2012)
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Hi Makfruit,

Thank you very much for your reply as well as your detailed explanation.
As you suggested, I've now removed the facebook like buttons from category listing pages and showing them on the product details pages only. Also, I'll choose to display only the facebook like buttons on the store pages, and removing the ''other' (one of the two that are present at the moment, as you already noticed) social sharing buttons (twitter, facebook and google +). I already experimented with the social sharing buttons before and noticed that the facebook like button in particular is slowing down the loading of the pages on my website. I also performed a plugin check, which showed that especially the social sharing buttons were taking a lot of time to load, the 'follow us' links in the right column also contribute to a slower loading time of the pages, but compared to the social sharing buttons this is much less of a concern. The same holds for the calendar, but I'll consider removing it too if proven to make a real difference, so I'll check that out first.

As for the images, I have standardized the size of my images in ecwid, and don't notice much problems when ecwid is loading them. However, I'll most definitely upgrade my account as soon as I reached the limit of the 100 free products.

The third tip you provided (combining some group of CSS files into a single external CSS file or combining all of them in a single file) is a really good word of advice to me; going to look into this matter and see if I can improve anything

Once again, thank you very much for your help!
The information in this thread might be outdated
If the solution did not help, please, check our Help Portal or contact Ecwid Team.

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