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Old 06-02-2012, 02:34 AM
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Ecwid integration with Stitch Labs (idea posted)

I posted the idea for Stitch Labs and Ecwid integration here:
Old 11-05-2012, 04:51 PM
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Default Excel Stuffs looks great and beauty

Hi Friend,

Thx for the wonderfull work.

In that version 2.0 Where to enter the monthly sales .. what do you mean by losses in that excel.

Appreciate your input.


Originally Posted by SoBe Couture View Post
_---___-----___ NEWEST VERSION IS 2.0 has been released + Google Merchant Center Integration and Instructional Videos included ---_CORE RELEASE!!!----___--
See this thread... New 2.0 download is available at the bottom via zip file.

_---___-----___ CXM' ---_CORE RELEASE!!!----___--
Hi Everyone,

I worked super hard to make a very robust inventory sheet that can do the following.

1. Input your daily sales per Item number - Which should be useful via Ecwid Exports - Input is done per an ongoing monthly basis
1a. Input sales and auto populate Description, supplier, unit cost, price of unit, and quantity sold

2. Input of Sales updates inventory automatically

3. Input Where item was sold i.e. from what store i.e. Store A; Store B; ect... And receive live data updates to as where you are selling the most items from i.e. Store B sells the most.

4. Receive specific sales information per unit item such as how much has sold and what are inventory levels and what is the running total of revenue generated per unit item.

5. Input purchases per item and have it automatically adjust inventory

6. Input Losses per item and have it automatically adjust inventory.

7. Receive nice statistical information from monthly sales in item quantity and in revenues generated...

8. Much much more...

9. Free from ME TO YOU... Please appreciate and give credit to CXM <<

10. Please help with ongoing improvements and suggestions you would like to incorporate into future releases.

11. This spreadsheet inventory and sales workbook is for a year basis. I.e. 2011 sales


What I would like to incorporate next. I would like to be able to incorporate this spreadsheet along with data extracted via Ecwid sales coming from an API CSV file.

I would like to automate through a macro application or VB application inputing items drawn from a database of inventory based upon SKU's we implement into a .CSV or .TXT file.


Next upcoming upgrades:

I will set up .txt files to have the data drawn from the file to keep inventory item SKU's at all times.

I will automate some procedures such as automatic date and time tags for inventory sales purchases and losses updates.

Perhaps make a Youtube tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet

Perhaps write a tutorial on how to use the spreadsheet.


File format = Excel 2010


Please vote that you like and I will keep at this.

Thanks and your help or input is appreciated. hope this helps many.


~~ ``` UPDATE *** June 2, 2011 *** ``` ~~
~~~ Version Master Inventory and Sales ~~~

1. Cleaned up formula's to work with new Tables format. Instead of calling $A$3:$B$5... Now, there is a simplified and more intuitive format that calls on tables such as Sales per month i.e. Sales in January... January, Revenue in January, etc... EXAMPLE [ =SUMIF(January[Item],A2,January[Sales]) ]

These tables now can be filtered and mined for easy to access data. i.e. Pivot tables and specifically PowerPivot Next. Download the free app. Don't worry these are not data tables that bog down your spreadsheet.

2. Added a Profit Table in the Master Sales Worksheet (per user request) This simply takes the cost of the unit and subtracts the sale price. This is in Table Format

3. Added an Overall Monthly Sales Profits to the Middle coloumn area of the sales page so that one can see quickly the monthly sales over the year in terms of profit.

4. Added Sales Profits to each and eveyr month so one can see the aggregate as they are adding in daily sales.

5. Created a Cell Range Reference named [ Master_Inventory_ITEMS ] with an IfERROR function that states "ADD Inventory" if additional inventory is needed from the Master Inventory Sheet.

In other words... For people who will be adding inventory over time need to only do it on the Master Inventory page via the "ITEM" column... This will place the item PLU / SKU on the Master Sales page's "ITEM" Column AUTOMATICALLY. No need to change / update inventory in both places... just master inventory worksheet.

5a. This brings me to another point. A big problem / mind bending / Excel won't do it as far as I know is the ability to change prices on the fly. The table I have created is very elaborate and will save you a ton of time... So believe me when I tell you this is the best way you have to do the following.

**** IF you give a discount i.e. on Product MX270 in order to keep the workbook organized and not confused i.e. tally everything correctly (TRUST ME) then simply do this. Put the discount on the end of the item number as a new item on a seperate row. What does this mean?

So on a new line you will add MX270D5 for unit cost it will be the same i.e. $6.00 and for the price you will simply add this =(original retail price)*.(whatever the opposite percentage discount is i.e.... >>> .95 = 5% off) In summary you will add MX270D5 : Unit cost $6.00 and Retail =14.95*.95 {14.25 or something like that}... This shows up now automatically for everywhere you put the discounted item in.

Now there is only one major flaw with this. Updating inventory. Ok well I suggest use the inventory of what the original product is i.e. if the inventory was 6 just do the start with 6 and keep it moving. Sorry there is nothing I could think of to alleviate this without messing something else up. I will ask around though. If you don't give discounts then Don't worry about this.

as in forum if the last part didn't make sense.

6. I added color to the table and cleaned them up a bit.

I believe a few / couple other things but I can't think of them right now.

Please give feedback.

This version is pretty ready to go for production... lol excel works so don't worry about my version number.


Next version I will ask around for any features I am missing and clean up a few more things... thanks.


~~~~~``````*****UPDATE FULLY WORKING VERSION 1.0 RELEASE ~~~~~~````******

Fully operational CXM's Master Inventory and Sales Workbook CORE rewrite.

**If you have downloaded any previous versions DOWNLOAD THIS AND START NEW...

All new conceptual difference for this worksheet with same extrapelating information for sales and inventory for each item you sale.

***Most important update. Now, the concept of adding in sales per month is accomplished by doing every transaction seperate. Enter in sales as they come in per that day.

Example: If you sale widget 123 go to month June and enter in widget 123 and place whether or not a discount was given by % off i.e. 5% off... >>> Final Price is given and then proceed to mark if it was a sale Yes or No. Once a sale Yes is marked the inventory for the item will be reduced by 1. "-)

This update allows for a few issues / problems I was dealing with in my previous versions to no longer be an issue / problem. YEAHHHHH

Now, you can track sales not just by a preprogrammed price of sale but on the fly updates for what discount was given per each item sold.

All information is accurately refelected in monthly sales # / Revenue and / Profit for each month for each item.

**Other updates includes two new columns for each month including Discount % and Final Price... Again, once the sale is entered in for an item all you have to do is choose a discount from blank or 0% to 50% off. You can add whatever other numbers to the list per your discretion.

**Changed font size to mostly everything to 9pt

**Many calculation and formula rewrites.

**Cleaned up and mess and overall look and style of workbook

**Erased worksheet 35 which was for nothing and had no purpose but practicing equations.

****Again, enter each sale / transaction as it happens and not a quantity for sales i.e. 6. Makes sense right? Only 1 item can be sold at a time. Unless you are doing wholesale. Purchases of wholesale and losses still work the same however.

***Future updates will include working with other worksheet / csv / .txt information to make the workbook more robust. As well, I will begin to incorporate some powerpivot to make workbook even more robust.

Please enjoy and provide feedback.
Old 12-17-2012, 02:45 PM
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This spreadsheet is exactly what I need but I can't get it to work past line 66.
Old 01-21-2013, 06:52 AM
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Default Qty of Sale - Input questions

First of all - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this software.

I was just employed to bring a small retail business up from paper transactions.

It is very much a "bootstrap" concern, and I noticed that various programs had been purchased in the past. While trying to automate inexpensively, they actually purchased quite a bit of software - and then did nothing with it.

Excel is one the input options for the best of these products, and I was looking for something to "glue" the best of the inherited software together. Keeping this in mind, I spent some time demoing this product this weekend.

I do have a few questions, if you don't mind too much..... My business is a agricultural cooperative. Products are generally consigned in quantity. processed into various food products or in bulk.
The typical customer purchase: many purchase transactions per day
20g XYZ
40g YGG
2 Brownies
1 Large Salsa
1 t-Shirt
3 Apples

I don't see where or if I can alter quantity of inventory moved (or posted) or Unit of Measure.

Additionally. I have a purchasing challenge. As a cooperative, we receive products in large unprocessed lots. The cooperative will process the product into smaller quanties for sale and into other items. (think Almonds - picked - taken to coop to process and sell.) -

Here is my hitch - When we sell 50% of the product, we pay the vendor in full. I need to track the inventory until the 50% level, and then cue a vendor payment.

I would be very grateful for response - even if it is just that I am "bent" and all going about this all wrong.

Old 02-23-2013, 11:41 PM
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This is a great workbook! I was looking for an inventory spreadsheet for a non-profit organisation (so preferably free of cost ) and came across this. Thank you so much for all the work you have done and make it free for us to use.

Originally Posted by diasomie View Post
Thank you for the response.
Sorry but I am not a native english speaker , so I do not understand your answer.

Let me explain clearer what I do NOT find in the excel file.

I do not find the cell where I have to write down the number ( pieces ) I have to sell from a certain products.
Let suppose that I want to sell today to one customer :

10 pcs red roses
18 pcs yellow magnolia
6 pcs red chairs

Where to imput the 10 , 18 , and 6.

I do not find this
I know what you mean. I kinda miss the input of the quantity of sales too.
But... don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm happy with it. Thanks again.

Old 05-02-2013, 04:29 AM
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Smile Master Inventory and Sales Spreadsheet

Attn: Sobe Couture

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful spreadsheet you've created and made available to us - those of us that are not expert at this, yet.

Thanks for the wonderful work. Its awesome to know there are those willing to share their knowledge and experience, and willing to help. I will be trying the spreadsheet and working my numbers and information. Hopefully, it will work out.
I wanted to say many thanks!


Old 06-17-2013, 10:44 PM
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wow, I am really happy this spreadsheet and the new one version 2.0 has helped people out so much!!! It took a very long time to perfect it so it would be in line with google listing standards. I will be on here more now since I have a new online business venture and want to help more for those who have questions. Sorry for the long hiatus.

and don't forget there is a version 2.0...
Old 11-26-2013, 10:33 AM
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Default Problem with inventory input

I am using Inventory and Sales Excel Spreadsheet Workbook v.1 and i have problem with inventory input.
I have added 679 products and they seem fine in the Master inventory sheet, however only a few appear in the Master Sales sheet.
Only 18 appear correctly(with prices, description, current inventory etc), and for 66 products i can only see the item name in the Master sales Sheet.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Old 01-13-2014, 06:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Miltos Charalambous View Post
I am using Inventory and Sales Excel Spreadsheet Workbook v.1 and i have problem with inventory input.
I have added 679 products and they seem fine in the Master inventory sheet, however only a few appear in the Master Sales sheet.
Only 18 appear correctly(with prices, description, current inventory etc), and for 66 products i can only see the item name in the Master sales Sheet.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Sorry about that... you will have to copy the definitions downward. Are you able to do that?
Old 02-06-2014, 02:56 PM
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I just recently discovered this workbook and want to use it for my online business. The workbook currently has almost everything I need to effectively track my sales and profits except postal expenses. I would like to be able to add two fields for postal expenses; one field for what the customer was charged and the other for the actual expense I paid to ship the package. Sometimes I make a profit and other times I do not. I would like to have these expenses included in my sales and profits report. Could you please tell me how this can be made possible?
The Following User Says Thank You to Kenneth Wooden For This Useful Post:
Christian Matthias (02-09-2014)
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